Protests grows in the Maule region!

We publish an unofficial translation of the article of Prensa Chiripilko found on their wepbage.

Featured: Masses protest in Licanten

On the days of 12th and 13th of September we have recorded important mobilizations by the masses in the Maule region. On one hand we have the protest in Licanten against the abandonment from the old State and on the other hand, the protest in Constitucion by workers from the Viñales plant of Forestal Arauco. These workers started a strike and achieved the fulfillment of their demands.

Regarding the first mobilization, we can see that residents, peasants, seasonal workers, merchants and people in general march through the center of Licanten due to the general discontent caused by the abandonment from the State authorities and others.

After the two floods in June and recent August, Licanten was one of the towns that suffered the most at the national and regional level. The masses denounced that after the disaster they have been abandoned because there is a lack of “resources for the affected homes.” In the same way, merchants protested against the uncertainty they are suffering, because they saw their investments lost. They denounced a lack of support and the protest was also directed against the dismissal of hundreds of workers. These workers provided service at the Licancel pulp mill of the Forestal Arauco company, owned by the Angelini group.

With all these calamities and suffering that the population of this town in the Mataquito Valley has suffered, we can firmly affirm that: It is Right to Rebel!

The other important mobilization was the strike organized for 48 hours that achieved the fulfillment of serious demands from the Forestal Arauco SA company, owned by the bourgeois-big landlord group Angelini. This protest took place in Constitucion.

This strike, which had the support of the local community, consisted of workers demonstrating by marching and blocking the route with burning tires while they were preparing themselves to sustain a protracted struggle.

However, after a quick negotiation, the leaders managed to make the company to improve working conditions, increase salary amounts and also improve the night shift.

Along with welcoming this excellent initiative, we call on the workers to ensure that the demands will be applied and defended, with struggle if it is necessary, their achievements and demands.

It should be also highlighted that this small but significant achievement is important in the context of the floods that also hit in a tough way the town of Constitucion. On the other hand, this victory hits the historical negligence that Forestal Arauco has inflicted against its workers. This negligence is even bigger with the announcement of the indefinite “suspension” of the same company’s nearby Licancel plant.

Route blocked with burning tires in Constitucion.

We must remember that not a long time ago there were other recent experiences of protests, such as the mobilization of peasants in La Huerta – Villa Prat – Huaquen, others in towns of Curico and also last week’s protests in Placilla.

We greet the masses who have risen up to struggle and the flame of rebellion be spread without control! The protest is an excellent school of combat that will prepare the class, especially the workers and peasants for the upcoming struggles, as well as immediately solve the most urgent problems of the masses.

Faced with the abandonment from the old State: COMBAT AND RESIST!




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