Day of denounce in Colombia: “Freedom for the imprisoned for struggling”

We publish an unofficial translation of the article of Nueva Democracia of Colombia published on their webpage.

Day of denounce: “Freedom for the imprisoned for struggling”

In the recent days, young people from different organizations made a day of denounce in Parque Berrio, in the center of the city of Medellin. This is a really well-known and popular place of the city, where thousands of people, especially working class (construction, retail, call-centers workers, etc.) and the most marginalized sectors of the city (informal sellers, prostitutes, displaced people, people who live in the streets, etc.) walk every day.

During the day of denounce were done speeches against Petro’s government, who during his electoral campaign promised the freedom of the imprisoned from the Great Popular Uprising in 2021, playing with the illusion of young people who participated in that popular uprising and who continue detained nowadays.

The high cost of living was denounced, and especially the great rise of the price of fuel, that every month rises $600 pesos per average, due to Petro’s measures to match the local and international prices, generating a high impact among working classes.

In the midst of the day, comrades expressed their solidarity with the hundreds of imprisoned from the French people. This was young people who also rebelled against the Macron’s government measures and in defense of the rights of the people, and nowadays are still detained.

Also, a support and resistance message was sent to the League of Poor Peasants of Brazil (LCP), which continue advancing in the struggle for the sacred land for those who work on it, mobilizing thousands of peasants to take lands and destroy the latifundium. This is the reason why they received rabid attacks from the big landlords and their armed local forces (goons) and also the attacks by the Brazilian State through persecution, harassment, murders, imprisonment, etc. The support message from Colombia to LCP is below:

At the end of the day, young people made a brief balance, in which everyone highlighted the great receptivity of the masses to the denounces made. Also the interest in the support message to LCP was highlighted. Some comrades mentioned that in the midst of the activity, one person who walked in the park felt identified with them. After this, that person approached and told that he lost his land and asked: “How can I join the LCP?”.

In addition to the speeches, leaflets were distributed while they discussed with the people and posters were put up. All of these actions can be seen in the following video:

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