The International Month of Actions for the Liberation of Georges Abdallah starts

Featured Image: Poster of the Month of Actions for the Liberation of Georges Abdallah

Georges Abdallah is a communist militant of Lebanon who fought for the freedom of Palestine against of the occupation of Israel. He also supported the different struggles of the peoples against imperialism, capitalism, fascism and all forms of reaction. During this struggles, armed actions were carried out by FARL [Fractions Armées Révolutionnaires Libanaois – Libanese Revolutionary Armed Fraction], which he was acused to be the leader until the end. This meant in 1987 a life imprisonment in the French State, after being captured in 1984. The trial was converted into a platform for political denunciation and resistance, because since his imprisonment, the Lebanese revolutionary has become a symbol of anti-repressive and anti-imperialist struggle and resistance.

After 39 years of imprisonment, Georges Abdallah is currently the revolutionary political prisoner who has been imprisoned the longest in Europe. On many occasions and for several years the militants and revolutionaries have demanded his liberation. However, the French State and its different ministers of Justice have refused to sign the freedom of Abdallah. On June 8th, the tenth appeal demanding his return to Lebanon began, which coincides with demonstrations that are made in France to achieve his liberation. For example, the one that took place on June 18th in Paris coinciding with the eve of the International Day of Revolutionary Prisoners. We have previously reported about this demonstration made by the Unitary Campaign for the liberation of the political prisoner.

In a new statement, the Unitary Campaign for the Liberation of Georges Aballah (CUPLGIA), makes a new call to the popular struggle for the liberation of the political prisoner. From September 21st to October 21st, the International Month of Actions will be held for the liberation of Georges Abdallah, which will conclude in a demonstration in Lannemezan. The manifestation is in this place since the Lebanese revolutionary is imprisoned in the prison there. The joint statement ends by calling for the fight in favor of political prisoners and their liberation: “Georges Abdallah is in prison for his political struggle, for his positions and his ideals that he constantly proclaimed and never denied. It is for his emancipation ideas that Georges Abdallah participated in the fight. It is for his ideas and resistance that he is still detained today. It is for his ideas and his revolutionary struggle that we support him and demand his liberation! For victory or victory!

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