Israeli offensive in the Gaza Strip. Yankee imperialism mobilizes its lackeys

Featured: Palestinian young people fighting against Israeli troops in the clashes occurred this week in the Gaza Strip. Source: The New Arab.

In the last week the State of Israel has carried out numerous attacks, especially in the Gaza Strip. Also there were attacks in the occupied West Bank. In this area a young man has been killed in Jenin and two other young men were killed in Tulkarem. Another Palestinian youth has also died from injuries sustained in the explosion in Gaza on 13th of September. These murders are added to the six that already took place in the previous days. We have previously reported on these attacks.

Since the night of Friday 22nd of September, at least five drone bombings and missile attacks have been reported against the Gaza Strip. These are attacks are mainly against Hamas’s defensive and surveillance positions. The attacks against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip are made on regular basis, not only to try to eliminate the Palestinian resistance, but also to bring the Palestinian people to their knees by making them suffer by all means. Proof of this is the blockade suffered by the Strip, and which the State of Israel is trying to increase. Recently the State of Israel is attacking the Palestinian fishermen more intensely and preventing Palestinian workers from going to work to Israel. After the struggle of the people in the Strip, the Israelis have finally decided to reopen the borders and that Palestinian workers can return to their jobs.

Map of the Gaza Strip. Source: BBC.

Israeli attacks have been constant, but resistance has also been continuous during the last week, with daily demonstrations and riots along the fence on the Gaza Strip border. The struggle has been bloody, and on the night of Friday 22nd of September, 30 Palestinians were injured with lethal ammunition during clashes around the fence.

Palestinian resistance has been maintained despite enormous repressive efforts. In addition, the Palestinian resistance has long time making efforts to coordinate itself. Earlier this month, there were joint military exercises of several organizations of the Palestinian National Resistance Movement in the Gaza Strip. And while the Israeli offensive is taking place in the Gaza Strip, several relevant Palestinian organizations have met in Beirut to develop closer coordination.

According to the Ministry of Health of the so-called “Palestinian Authority”, more than 200 Palestinians have been killed so far this year. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia, a semi-colony subjected mainly to Yankee imperialism, is approaching normalization of its relations with the State of Israel, sponsored by the Yankee imperialist masters. This normalization has been boosted by the historic visit to Saudi Arabia by the Israeli Minister of Tourism, Haim Katz. The Saudi ruling classes showed their hypocrisy by receiving senior Israeli leaders, while at the same time condemning the aggressions of Israeli soldiers and settlers who stormed the Al-Aqsa Mosque during previous days. Meanwhile, Mahmoud Abbas has shown once again his treason against the Palestinian people by meeting with Saudi Arabian leaders.

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