Report on the International Month of Actions for Georges Abdallah

As we reported before, on September 21th the month of actions began for Georges Abdallah, communist political prisoner of the French State. This year, 39 years have passed since his imprisonment, which makes him the political prisoner that currently has been the most time in prison in all of Europe. Also in June, his tenth appeal to be expatriated back to his native country, Lebanon, began. This campaign this year is done with special force to give support and achieve his release of life imprisonment for struggling against imperialism and all kind of reaction.

For this campaign a joint statement has been issued. It is currently signed by 55 organizations from and outside the French state.

On September 28, a rally was held in front of the Ministry of Justice. As indicated by the campaign in social networks, for ten hours slogans were shouted, denouncing the French State, the barbarism of the life sentence and demanding the liberation of the comrade.

On September 27, posters were put up in the University of Paris 8 Saint-Denis to inform about the campaign and the rally that took place the next day.

Also on September 23, when protests in France against police violence, State racism and for the freedom of the people were carried out, a block was made to denounce the case of Comrade Abdallah.

Previously, September 15, 16 and 17, the Humanity Festival was held, where panel discussions were held to denounce the situation, there were cultural actions, leaflets were distributed and posters hung up. At the Festival the Communist Party of Lebanon had a tent.

In different parts of the world, actions have been carried out for the release of Georges Abdallah.

In Colombia a big graffiti was made, highlighting the militant struggle for the Palestinian cause of Georges Abdallah.

In Mexico, as part of the campaign signatories, posters have been put up demanding the freedom of Georges Ibrahim Abdallah and a call has been made to join the actions in Mexico.

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