Actions by the Student Movement in Brazil

Featured: students in a rally. Source: A Nova Democracia.

The Brazilian student movement has carried out several protest actions during this week, reported by the newspaper A Nova Democracia and by the Movimiento Estudiantil Popular Revolucionario. Thus, rebel students rise against the system that, progressively, worsens the conditions for working class students, and they show their solidarity with the occupations of the peasants and with the Palestinian people.

On 25th of October the students of Philosophy and Sociology of the Federal University Fluminense (UFF), decided to occupy Block P of the Institute of Human Sciences and Philosophy (ICHF). The students organized in the academic centers of Philosophy and Sociology made this decision as a pressure measure to demand essential and long-term agendas, to implement an evening shift in the subject of Philosophy and demand the degree in the subject of Sociology. Through banners, rallies and speeches, students demanded their rights.

Students blocking the entry. Source: A Nova Democracia

Chants in the rallies. Source: A Nova Democracia

They denounce that the lack of an evening shift impedes the workers from attending the course, and this leads to a problem for their professionalization and the possibility of finding employment as students. The creation of the Degree of Sociology is also required, a process which due to the bureaucracy of the departments, is stagnant, forcing students to perform this rally.

Also at the Federal University of Maranhão (UFMA) the students carried out a political action against the eviction resolution of an occupied building of the University’s rectory. In the act, slogans were shouted against the principal who heads the anti-people position, against the university privatization or in favor of the combative student movement.

This action, organized by the Collective Sons of the People (CEFP), which had the support of the students, different social movement, teachers and other workers, was a success due to the combative students got a conciliation meeting. This action also had the presence of the great composer Luiz Vila Nova, a well-known composer of the Orisk song. This song was sung by the popular peasant movement throughout the country during the 80’s. Also Vila Nova explained that during the peasant protests the UFMA students mobilized in favor of peasants and that now he was there to “return the support”.

Source: A Nova Democracia

Solidarity from students with the indigenous people is not a thing of the past, but something that continues nowadays and that is essential. This was shown by the students of the Federal University of the Grande Dourados (UFGD), organized by the Central Student Board (CDE) in a visit to the Guarani-Kaiowá occupation. You can read more about this in a translation of a previous article by A Nova Democracia. This solidarity campaign, which began with a collection of clothing, food, water and hygiene products in September has brought the students to “collapse the university walls to serve the interests of the working people,” according to themselves.

During the visit, the criminal actions of the big landlords against the peasants, who have already suffered four attacks by gunmen at the service of the big landlords in just two months, were denounced. Cultural acts were also performed, including Guarani-Kaiowá dances and supporting slogans were shouted as “Long live the occupation of Avae’Te!” or “Down the latifundium! Long live the occupations!”. Also the commitment of the students with the Guarani-Kaiowá cause and that also all the crimes will be denounced, were affirmed.

Also the students, workers and the defenders of public education came out in Maringá, Paraná during a new demonstration on 19th of October “New” Secondary Education, which privatizes education. The protest was convened by the National Executive of Students of Pedagogy (Exnepe) and promoted by the Central Student Board (DCE) and Academic Centers (CA) of the State University of Maringá (EMA).

During this combative march, where slogans were shouted against privatization, students did not hesitate to show solidarity with the Palestinian people and against the Zionist State of Israel, showing Palestinian flags and shouting slogans like “Death to imperialism!” while setting fire to US flags and the flags of the State of Israel.

Source: Movimiento Estudiantil Popular Revolucionario

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