Danish-owned pig farms poison residents of Chépica, Chile

Featured image: Pig farms of Coexca in Chépica, Chile. Source: Socialistisk Revolution

Pig farms of the company Coexca are destroying the nature in Chépica and the surrounding villages in Chile. Coexca is the largest pork meat company in Chile, and it exports meat products to 33 countries around the world. In 2017, a largest ever investment to pork production in Chile was made, as the Danish State investment fund IFU and the pension funds PKA and PensionDanmark invested 12 million US dollars to the company. Through this export of capital, Coexca was going to double its production. This aggressive growth in the interest of Danish imperialism is now poisoning the environment and the people of the area.

According to reports, the company is leaving pig carcasses to rot in the sun and is not taking proper care of pig excrement. This negligence is poisoning the drinking water in the area, and is attracting flies and other animals which cause harm to the peasants and residents of the area. The stink is horrifying and causing also health problems, such as headaches, to the locals. Also many other health problems are occurring, such as diarrhea and nausea.

Water poisoned by pig cadavers and excrement in Chépica. Source: Socialistisk Revolution.

The pension funds are very important means of exporting capital for Danish imperialism. In Denmark, the pension funds are private companies which manage the occupational pensions, which are negotiated through the corporativist tripartisan system of the yellow unions, bosses’ unions and the State as part of the general agreements made in this system. Around a four million Danes are part of the pension funds, when the population of Denmark is around 5,9 million, and being part of the pension funds is practically mandatory. The amount which the pension funds take from the salaries of the workers are 9-17 percent. And then these companies export this capital, robbed from the salaries of the workers, and make miraculous profits through the exploitation and destruction of the oppressed nations, such as in the case of Chile and Coexca. The pension funds also invest in bureaucratic companies in for example many African countries.

”Through private sector investments in developing countries IFU contributes to promoting sustainable communities”, IFU tells us on its website. Similarly, PKA and PensionDanmark say they are investing in a ”responsible way” and contributing to ”making the world a better place”. As seen many times, this means only more destruction and exploitation to the oppressed nations, such as in the case of the eucalyptus plantations in Brazil for ”green” packing materials, which invade and poison the lands of poor peasants in Brazil, or the wind energy projects connected to the CIIT megaproject of death and displacement in Mexico.

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