Peasants, workers, peoples for Palestine

Featured image: A crater and destruction after the Israeli impact in the refugee camp of Jabalia. Source: Al Jazeera.

The State of Israel continues its brutal genocidal policy against the Palestinian people. In the recent days, all of its military machinery has been put into operation to continue massacring civilians. After the bombings that have devastated the Gaza Strip progressively, these days a land military invasion has begun, as well as a series of bombings, which are clear war crimes.

Regarding these bombings, the State of Israel has stood out for its cruelty, bombarding on several occasions the Jabalia refugee camp. Since the Palestine counteroffensive, this refugee camp has been constantly attacked by Israeli forces, causing hundreds of dead and injured, according to the United Nations Organization (UN), this could constitute a war crime. In the bombings that have occurred between Tuesday and Wednesday, Hamas has claimed that 195 people have been killed, and there are many other hundred injured and missing. Another 15 people have been killed in another refugee camp, Bureji, which shows that the usual thing is this type of attack by the Israeli Defense Forces (Israel Defense Forces – IDF). Meanwhile, the State of Israel states without shame, that the attack was meant to attack Military Objectives of Hamas. What they have left in their path in Jabalia, is destruction and huge craters full of lifeless bodies, many of them children. Even the UN has declared that Israel has bombarded shelters led by the United Nations, which constitutes a clear war crime. The State of Israel constantly claims to be attacking military objectives, but since the genocidal military campaign began, there are already more than 9,000 killed in the Gaza Strip, of which 3,760 are children. In addition, another 22,000 people have been injured.

Location of the refugee camp in the Gaza Strip. Source: Al Jazeera.

Together with these genocidal bombings, the State of Israel has started its land offensive, making different land incursions, and finally a large -scale invasion in recent days. After the beginning of this invasion, the bourgeois press itself claimed that the advances were slow, although the deployment occurs after having swept with its Gaza bombings, and that has introduced thousands of soldiers and tanks in Gaza. The Palestinian resistance continues to fight tirelessly, with much less means, and the Israeli press has confirmed today, that at the moment there are at least 23 dead Israeli soldiers.

Meanwhile genocidal policies and repression also continue in the occupied West Bank, demonstrating once again the inconsistency of what IDF defends, stating that their attacks are against military objectives. For November 3, a total of 133 Palestinians have been killed in this area after multiple massive assaults. For now, another seven killed are recorded today.

Despite all these brutal genocidal policies committed by the State of Israel, the imperialists continues to support the State of Israel. In the case of Yankee imperialism, in fact it is the main support and interested in these genocidal policies, being the main guarantor and military actor in the area. Recently, the US Chamber of Representatives has approved an aid of 14,500 million to continue assembling the State of Israel. In addition, in this last month Yankee imperialism has continued with its military deployments to the Middle East, which reinforces a presence that was already very remarkable, and is on maximum alert and actively participating in multiple military actions in support of the State of Israel in the area.

This support of imperialism is still continuing after knowing that on October 13 the Ministry of Intelligence of the State of Israel made a document in which a plan to displace the Palestinian population of Gaza, a total of 2’3 million of people, to Egypt was prepared. The State of Israel does not blush in stating that this document exists, and that therefore prepares a plan that violates all international law, which violates both the so -called human rights, as well as any international laws of war. But once again, the different imperialist powers and their Israeli lackeys show that if their law does not favor them, it will be nothing more than simple wet paper. The Norwegian revolutionary newspaper Tjen Folket reported on this recently.

Military deployment of the Yankee imperialism in the Middle East, figures from October 2023. Source: Axios.

This support of imperialism has also had other consequences, such as the great repression of many bourgeois States against the solidarity movement with the struggle of the Palestinian people, and against Palestinian organizations present in these countries. The most clear case of this is Germany, where imperialism is one of the greatest supporter of the State of Israel and its genocidal policies against the Palestinian people. The German State has banned any action they consider linked to Hamas and has dissolved the Samidoun organization. The same was announced in the middle of October on the Popular Palestine Liberation Front. The German imperialists obviate the massacres committed by the Israelis, showing a bloody double standard in the matter. Previously there has already been numerous actions by the German State against the Palestinian people and its struggle, for example the harassment of Zaid Abdulnasser in early October, on which we already reported. In addition to this there has been repression by many other imperialists, such as that of French imperialism, on which we have also written.

The ruling classes and their governments in the different countries of the world have not stopped supporting the State of Israel, but their populations have raised against the genocide perpetrated in Palestine. We have already reported previously the solidarity actions that have been carried out with the Palestinian cause.

In Brazil the peasantry has shown solidarity with the Palestinian cause. Recently we have informed on an action led by the League of Poor Peasants (LCP), the peasants have resumed their lands in the Mãe Bernadete camp, in hard fight with the eState. In this action, Palestinian flags have been raised and the struggle of the Palestinian people has been remembered.

These weeks also highlights the support of the proletariat in the imperialist countries, which, quite contrary to what their bourgeois rulers say, support the Palestinian cause. The case of transport workers in Belgium stands out, where since Tuesday, October 31, they have refused to load and unload military material for Israel. Numerous actions of the working class have been carried out in solidarity with the Palestinian people.

On October 26, in Kent, the United Kingdom, more than 150 proletarians blocked the entrance to the Intro Precision LTD weapons factory, a subsidiary company of the Israeli weapons manufacturer, Elbit Systems. In addition, they pointed out the complicity of the United Kingdom in the supply of weapons for the state of Israel, and that was therefore complicit in the genocide.

Workers blocking the entrance to the weaponry factory in Kent. Banners can be seen with the following messages: “UK funds genocide” and “Workers for Free Palestine”. Source: Novaramedia.

On October 30, in Toronto, Canada, proletarians and other activists of the INKAS Arms Factory, a company providing numerous military materials to Israel, made a picket blocking the entrance to the factory. They deployed banners in which you could read “You’ve got blood on your hands” and “Arms embargo on Israel now!”

On the night of November 1, in Philadelphia, the US, workers in the health sector carried out a manifestation in the university campus against genocide and Israeli attacks against hospitals.

Healthcare workers held a rally against the genocide in Palestine. Source: CBS Philadelphia.

The mobilizations have continued in the Muslim countries, where the people rebel against the lackeys that govern their countries, and who have turned their backs on the Palestinian people to continue working for the interests of imperialism.

On Sunday, October 29, in Dakar, Senegal, hundreds of people made a march in solidarity with the Palestinian people. The Senegalese State repressed the mobilization.

Demonstration in Senegal, in solidarity with the Palestinian people. Source: KOACI.

On Tuesday, October 31, hundreds of protesters gathered in front of the French Embassy in Beirut, Lebanon.

Lebanese protesters in front of the French embassy in Beirut. Source: Al Jazeera.

On Wednesday, November 1, in Tunisia, people gathered to denounce the crimes perpetrated by Zionism in Palestine, and in support of the struggle of the Palestinian people.

Protesters in Tunisia, in support of the Palestinian people. Source: La Presse de Tunisie.

Today, in the Yarmuk Palestinian refugee camp, in Damascus, Syria, thousands of Palestinians and Syrians took to the streets to support the Palestinians of Gaza and denounce the genocide that Israel is committing.

Thousands of protesters in the streets of the Yarmuk refugee camp. Source: BNN.

These actions show once again, that the working class is international and that the attacks suffered by the Palestinian people are felt as their own by it. The peoples of the world do not support their rulers, and that with daily practice, they oppose imperialism. All this also makes it clear that the support of bourgeois governments to the State of Israel lacks legitimacy and real support, and that it is nothing more than another of the bourgeoisie’s policies behind the back of the people and against it.

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