Statement from Partizan about the armed attack against Akkoç

We publish an unofficial translation of the statement of Partizan found in Yeni Demokrasi:

Partizan published a statement about the armed attack against its reader Asker Akkoç on the morning of Tuesday, December 26th.

We Will Eliminate All Attacks, We Will Enlarge the Struggle!”

The full statement is as follows:

“Our people,

Our reader and comrade, Asker Akkoç, who was seriously injured as a result of the armed attack in Gazi District on December 26, with his revolutionary stance, ideas, against fascism, gang-sects etc. that drags the people into corruption and disintegration within themselves. It stands tall with its struggle against reactionary formations and is with us wherever we are. Attempts to destroy us and to scare us with death are as futile today as ever. The dynamic of our ideas is indestructible, unkillable and intimidable. Because this dynamic is based on the interests of the people. As we struggle for the liberation of the people, these ideas develop and become widespread. We may decline, weaken, or not be successful enough. However, this will never cause the historical relationship we have established with the public to disappear.

The attack on our comrade Asker could not and did not achieve this.

The attack on our comrade Asker has once again shown the necessity of fighting against gangs and sects that have become stronger and paved the way for the state. This attack is part of a process whose conditions were prepared and matured by the state. Similar attacks occur frequently in neighborhoods such as Gazi District. In conditions where public enemy gangs and sects are legitimized, such attacks become commonplace, become habitual, are evaluated and tolerated on individual grounds. The aim of those who prepare the conditions for these processes and mature the ground for such attacks is clear: To make people accept the misery, decay, corruption and all kinds of deprivations imposed on the workers, to destroy, intimidate and eliminate the dynamics that resist this. WE WILL NOT ALLOW THIS!

We insist on winning the future on behalf of the people and for the people. We reject the misery, decay, corruption and all kinds of deprivations imposed on the people and poor neighborhoods. We reject the reality of a weak-willed people dominated by gangs, sects and police stations. We reject the counter-revolutionary atmosphere that surrounds us. We reject the deprivation that paved the way for the shooting of our fellow Asker.

This rejection reminds us of our duties: to work harder, to live more devotedly, to better understand the interests of the people and to warn and mobilize them more strongly for their future…

Our path is open to revive the people’s hope for salvation, to create a future for them, to condemn inhumanity and to achieve a humanization based only on the interests of the people. We will work harder and harder for this. We will overcome these difficult times. The war we wage against the imposed misery, decay and inhumanity, together with our fellow Askers and in unity with our people, will continue without compromise and we will definitely win…”

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