Red Front (Norway): Statement in solidarity with Red League and Partizan

We publish this unofficial translation of the statement of Red Front from Norway.

Proletarians of all countries, unite!

Solidarity with Red League and Partizan

Condemn attacks against the movement to support Palestine

Comrades and friends

We send our warm revolutionary greetings to the Red League, Partizan, the fighting revolutionaries and anti-imperialists who on Sunday the 14th of January heroically and resolutely defended the Lenin-Liebknecht-Luxemburg demonstration of this year against the repressive attack of German imperialism.

The attack of the police was directed against those who clearly and unwaveringly showed solidarity with the Palestinian people. Hundreds of Palestinian flags, speeches and slogans to support Palestine provoked apparently the lackeys of German imperialism. The police initiated its attack by arresting one of the speakers who expressed support to the Palestinian people, something which caused the rest of the demonstration to refuse to go on before the one arrested was released. We send our unreserved solidarity to you all!

We send especially warm revolutionary greetings to the comrade who is a veteran of the revolutionary movement and who the police attempted to murder. With great joy we received the news that the murderers of imperialism failed and that the comrade lives and is well taking into account the conditions. We send our warm thoughts to the arrested, to those who physically struggled to free the arrested and to all those who stood together and now stand together in solidarity with these comrades.

We encourage protesting against repression, against German imperialism and its lackeys and their representatives. These hypocrites break their own laws, and trample systematically on the so-called liberties and rights they claim to protect. Palestine-solidarity is under attack today all over Europe, also in Norway. All anti-imperialists and revolutionaries need to unite to defend the movement to support Palestine against these attacks.

Stand together against repression!

Strengthen the international solidarity!

Long live the heroic struggle of the Palestinian people!

Red Front, Norway

January 2024

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