Mexico: Extracts of the Breves Iniciando Semana

Hereby we publish an unofficial translation of an extract of the Breves Iniciando Semana published by Sol Rojo Mexico.

Mexico. The victims of the reactionary war continue to increase in the whole country, and as we have denounced earlier, it is a war against the people. 1) In Chiapas, according to the complaint published by the Assembly of the Collective of Zapatista Autonomous Government, Caracol 10, Zona Patria Nueva, in the community “La Resistencia” [Translator’s note: The Resistance], support base of the Zapatista National Liberation Army (EZLN), new paramilitary aggressions have been done against the Zapatistas. The ORCAO (a paramilitary organization of the latifundium) has escalated its attacks against the population since 14th of January, setting up acts of provocation that have escalated to the point of burning homes, burning pastures, destroying books, stealing community stores, looting, destruction of crops and harvests, all of this under the protection of the governments of the self-proclaimed “fourth transformation.” In their complaint, the comrades point out… “We have been saying years ago that it is financed by the 3 levels of the bad governments of 4T [Translator’s note: fourth transformation]… Don’t regret it, you are wrong.” So far at least 28 Zapatistas have been displaced from their community. 2) In Michoacán, a statement from the community of Santa María Ostula reports new attacks against the population by a narco-paramilitary organization. The events occurred on 1st of February when an armed group entered in communal territory attacking a home. It was then that the Communal Guard repelled the aggression, making the narco-paramilitaries retreat. The community assembly has expressed… “We have already reached a limit and our community is going to do everything necessary so that justice reaches the families and our community.” Although these attacks are directed against two expressions of the popular movement, we can also find direct attacks against the working class. 3) In Sonora, agricultural workers were attacked by gunfire in Caborca while they were heading home after working at Rancho San Francisco; an armed commando opened fire on the vehicle in which they were traveling, leaving at least 4 people murdered (3 youths of 15 years and a 30-year-old woman) and several injured. While paramilitary groups, drug trafficking and the regime’s armed forces spread terror in the whole country, AMLO presented 20 initiatives to reform the Constitution which, more than “recovering the social character of the 1917 Constitution” (as the Morenistas say) has a clear electoral content as Andrés Manuel himself has confirmed by ensuring that he only presented his package of reforms eight months before the end of his mandate “because the elections are coming . ” Like that or more clear?

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