Actions against the genocide of Palestinian people continue

Featured image: Protesters in Rabat, Morocco. Source: The Palestinian Information Center

As the amount of the murdered in Gaza exceeds 28,000 people and Israel is intensively bombing the displaced people in Rafah, preparing for a genocidal ground operation there, the peoples of the world keep on expressing their support for the struggle of the Palestinian people. We publish here a compilation of some actions in the recent days.

On the 9th of February in the Jordan Valley complex along the border to Israel, protesters demanded an air bridge to Gaza to deliver aid, cancellation of the Jordanian-Israeli peace agreement, the closure of the Israeli embassy in Amman, supporting the Palestinian national resistance and stopping the transfer of goods to Israel.

Demonstrations were also held on the 9th of February in Baghdad, Iraq, and in Ramallah, on the occupied West Bank, where slogans for the Palestinian national resistance were shouted. In Yemen, a massive rally was held in Sana’a. Rallies were also held in the cities of Ma’rib and Taiz.

Protesters in Sana’a, Yemen. Source: The Palestinian Information Center

On Sunday the 11th of February 10,000 protesters gathered in front of the parliament in Rabat, Morocco to demand the ending of diplomatic ties with Israel. The protesters carried a huge Palestinian flag and banners with slogans “Normalization is treason”, “Stop the massacre”, “We stand steadfast with Al-Aqsa,” and “Down, down with the Zionists and Americans.”

In Medellín, Colombia, ICL posters in solidarity with the Palestinian people have been put up. Alongside them, posters for the 130th anniversary of the birth of Chairman Mao have also been put up.

In Bergen a demonstration was held on the 7th of February against a meeting where a representative of the IDF and the Israeli foreign ministry took part. The police protected the meeting heavily, which was loudly condemned by the demonstration. In the demonstration it was denounced that the prime minister of Norway calls Israel “Norway’s friend” and Norwegian weapon monopolies sell weapons to Israel, and that those who organize and protect the meeting have blood in their hands.

On the 3rd of February activists of Kampkomiteen took part in two demonstrations in Trondheim, Norway. In the first, speeches were heard from the labor movement and different solidarity organizations. After the rally, a march was held, in which slogans such as “Intifada, intifada!”, “Occupation no more, open up the prison door!” and “Let the children live!” were shouted. In the evening, an action was made outside a venue where the representative of Norway for the Eurovision Song Contest would be chosen, calling for boycott of Israel and protesting the participation of Israel in the ESC.

In Aalborg, Denmark, slogans for free Palestine and against Zionism have been painted.

Hundreds of demonstrators protested an editorial of the newspaper Chicago Tribune outside of its office. In the editorial, the newspaper had among other things claimed that Hamas was responsible for the genocide Israel is carrying out and accused the Palestine solidarity movement of anti-Semitism. The protesters rejected these accusations and the chauvinism spread by the newspaper.

Hundreds of protesters gathered in front of the office of the Chicago Tribune. Source: Chicago Tribune

On the 7th of February around 100 protesters blocked the entrance to Woodward manufacturing facility. The factory makes parts for Boeing, which are used in missiles and bombs used to murder the Palestinian people.

On the 9th of February Hillary Clinton’s speech was interrupted by pro-Palestinian protesters at Columbia University in New York City. “Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton, you are a war criminal! The people of Libya, the people of Iraq, the people of Syria, the people of Yemen, the people of Palestine as well as the people of America will never forgive you!” a protester shouted at Clinton, who was Secretary of State during the Obama administration, which is responsible for several war crimes and massacres in the oppressed nations. After the first protester was removed from the lecture hall, the speech was again interrupted by protesters multiple times.

On Saturday the 10th of February there was again nation-wide protests in solidarity with the Palestinian people in 40 locations across the UK. In many protests, strong support was expressed to the Palestinian national resistance front and the complicity of the UK in the genocide was condemned.

Protest in London on the 10th of February. Protests were held in 40 locations across the UK. Source: The Jerusalem Post

In Belfast, occupied Ireland, Palestinian protesters interrupted a Sinn Féin event on Palestine, denouncing the Party’s support to the treacherous “Palestinian Authority” and its plans to meet with the US president Joe Biden for a St. Patrick’s Day event.

In Toulouse, France, protesters made an action against the French arms monopoly Thales which is complicit in the genocide of the Palestinian people.

In Girona, Spanish State, a pro-Palestinian activist was detained by infiltrated agents in a mobilization, after a demonstration held against the massacre committed in Gaza.

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