Mexico: The State issues judicial resolutions against activists and defenders of the land

We publish an unofficial translation of the statement published in Sol Rojo México.

· We strongly condemn the criminalization against activists and defenders of the land

· The political use of the judicial power is a clear example of State repression

CURRENT OF THE PEOPLE RED SUN raises its voice against the recent judicial resolutions issued against the comrades from Santa María Mixtequilla and Puente Madera, who, like many other comrades and communities in the Isthmus region, oppose the imposition of the Inter-Oceanic Corridor , an imperialist mega-project that has brought with it the division of community networks, the increase in criminal and paramilitary violence, the dispossession of lands and territories from indigenous peoples, among many other things.

Faced with the worthy opposition carried out by activists, communities and democratic organizations, the old State responds with arbitrary arrests and sentences that confirm the political use of the judicial power; this is a clear example of the repression that exists in the entity.

On the past 2nd of February, a control judge from Tanivet agreed to the justified precautionary measure of preventive detention against the 9 activists of the Civil Resistance-Mixtequilla detained in the midst of a strong operation in the early hours of 27th of January in Santa María Mixtequilla, Oaxaca. Comrades Adelaido López Gallegos, Armando Sánchez Gómez, Orlando de la Cruz Gallegos, Roberto Vázquez Orozco, Ricardo Vargas Ruiz, Albino Palacios Orozco, Jorge Ontiveros Álvarez, Alba Pérez Santana and Ana Sánchez Castro are currently detained.

On the past 7th of February, a district judge based in Salina Cruz sentenced the Puente Madera Community Agent and member of the Assembly of the Indigenous Peoples of the Isthmus in Defense of the Land and Territory (APIIDTT). Comrade David Hernández Salazar and 17 other defendants are free to walk thanks to a judicial review.

As we have reported before, our colleague Salvador Pinal Meléndez, a Zapotec community member from Santa Cruz Tagolaba and member of our organization, was also imprisoned on 21st of September of 2021 accused of crimes that he did not commit and is currently under house arrest due to his delicate state of health, while their attackers continue to enjoy total impunity, committing new robberies against the community.

All of these comrades have in common the defense of the land and the struggle against the imposition of the CIIT. All of these comrades and their communities are victims of the repression by the old State, which continues to escalate, also leaving comrades threatened, injured, detained and even murdered, as is the case of our comrades Luis Armando Fuentes Aquino, Jesús Manuel García Martínez and Félix Vicente Cruz . For all these reasons we maintain that THE INTER-OCEANIC CORRIDOR DISPOSSESSES AND MURDERS POOR PEASANTS AND INDIGENOUS PEOPLE!

As organization we reaffirm our solidarity with the persecuted, prosecuted and political prisoners, and with the communities and organizations that have decided to sustain the struggle against the imposition of this imperialist mega-project of dispossession and death. We continue to call for the unity of the democratic and revolutionary forces in our region to build a powerful movement that makes possible what we have said before: THE ISTHMUS IS OURS! Not of the imperialist mega-projects.

Freedom and acquittal for political prisoners!

No to the imposition of the Inter-oceanic Corridor!

No matter who governs, the rights of the people are defended!

With the Red Sun, the people will win!



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