Ethiopia: another massacre in Amhara by drone bombing

Featured image: map with North Shewa, the place bombarded with drones. Source: website Map Hill

On Monday 19th of February a drone bombing occurred in the district of Mojana Wedera, North Shewa, Amhara, murdered at least 30 people and injured almost twenty more. The local witnesses of the events, explained to local media that the target of the attack was a truck that transported dozens of civilians, including for example a three months old baby that has been missing since. The attack was produced in similar circumstances to other drone bombings: the Ethiopian armed forces sent drones to bombard the Amharic people as a retaliation for the clashes occurred against the Fano Militias. Once again, in this place there were no fighters, but only civilian population.

Local media point out that bombings with artillery and drones have been frequent against the Amharic people, and as we have already reported, the Ethiopian high military ranks have no issues to admit their criminal bombing practices with drones against civilian population.

Meanwhile, imperialists try to hide the reactionary nature of the bureaucratic-big landlord Ethiopian regime, and the crimes of its ruling classes. Recently, the German imperialist media, Reuters, reported on an alleged “Secretive Security Committee” in charge of suppressing dissent in the Oromia region. This committee would have directed a brutal repression campaign against Oromo insurgents, eliminating numerous leaders and including extrajudicial executions. It would also have been involved in the prolongation of judicial processes and torture and mistreatment of the detainees in custody of the Ethiopian State. This is nothing more than an attempt to cover the nature of bureaucratic capitalism, since under its development the most reactionary policy is established, with greatly repressive and anti-popular bureaucratic-big landlord regimes, which do not need any type of committee or secrecy to commit the most horrendous crimes against the people. Clear proof of this was Merawi’s recent massacre, on which we have reported, and in which dozens of civilians were taken out of their homes and executed in cold blood by the Ethiopian armed forces.

This attempt to cover their crimes is because the imperialists themselves are the main support of the ruling classes and bureaucratic capitalism. For example, recently the United Kingdom has recently signed an agreement with Ethiopia to improve stability in the region of the Horn of Africa. Thus, they try to hide the real problem, which is not a secret clique or committee, or a dictator or similar peculiarities, but is imperialism itself, and bureaucratic capitalism that is being developed in oppressed countries and bureaucratic-big landlord governments imposed by Imperialists.

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