MEXICO: Natalia is already free!

Hereby we publish an unofficial translation of an article published by Sol Rojo México. Earlier we have reported on the arrest of the comrade Natalia.

Yesterday we reported on the failed police eviction in the city of Oaxaca where comrade Natalia, activist from the People’s Women’s Movement (MFP-Mx), was detained.

After being beaten and arrested, the comrade was moved by the Oaxaca de Juárez’s local police to its barracks, where besides not being separated from the other jailed people, she was isolated for several hours. Democratic lawyers and observers of the Defender of the Human Rights of the Oaxaca’s People (DDHPO), arrived to the place, and in more than one occasion must pressured the authorities in order to be allowed to know the physical condition and the juridical situation of the comrade.

Natalia received punches, threats and simulations of extrajudicial execution by the kidnappers, who were threatening her to murder her or to move her to the jail of Tanivet, and they were interrogating here about her activities and militancy. Along this period of time, the insistent question was “why did you helped the evicted person?”

The uniformed pigs do not understand anything on class solidarity, they are uniformed henchmen at the service of the rich and they act as the private guard of the so-called “cartel of dispossession”. Because of this, they do not understand that a woman with class consciousness support another working woman against an injustice.

When the lawyers and the DDHPO’s personnel could see the comrade, they saw her hurt and with visible hits, but in morally and politically high spirit. Natalia was presented before her lawyers at the barracks’ courtyard before dozens of policemen surrounding here. They wanted to scare her and her defenders!

At the end, the comrade was released without any pointing or charge on her; the Defender of the Human Rights of the Oaxaca’s People found that this was an arbitrary arrest, and cruel and inhuman treatment against Natalia.

When the working comrade recovered her house, the illegal eviction was thwarted, and this, along with the freedom of comrade Natalia, there is a clear triumph in the streets where the residents and the MFP’s comrades accompanied by the Current of the People – Red Sun have shown once more again the importance of the conscious, organized and mobilized mass.

During the evening, comrade Natalia arrived accompanied with the lawyers to a meeting where she was welcomed by residents and activists that were firm to keep on and strengthen the resistance.

We defend the housing right of the young working woman who is being threatened and harassed by the “cartel of dispossession”; we defend the solidarity residents which are organized to support; and we defend along with the MFP’s comrades the people’s rights in the neighborhoods and communities.

Not a single eviction more!

Combat and resist!

Stop the gentrification in Oaxaca!




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