Brazil: AND Editorial – Once more, the right-wing rules

Hereby we publish an unofficial translation of the last editorial published by A Nova Democracia.

We are facing a right-wing government, formed by a coalition of right-wing reactionaries and opportunists from the false left or bourgeois left who, painting themselves with the colors of popular struggle, do not mind being pawns on the board of the latifundium, imperialism, mainly Yankee and from the big bourgeoisie.

Arthur Lira ordered, at once, the opening of five Parliamentary Commissions of Inquiry (CPI) and declared that he will put on the agenda, in the Chamber of Deputies, projects of interest for the Bolsonarist opposition and the extreme right. Reason: he is angry with the government. Lira calculates that Luiz Inácio wants to launch his own candidate for the presidency of the House, in 2025, and for this reason the government exposed him, in the vote that decided to keep Chiquinho Brazão, one of the alleged perpetrators of Marielle’s execution, in prison. On that occasion, Lira coordinated with the extreme right, Bolsonaro supporters and the “centrão” to release Chiquinho. After this, Luiz Inácio’s Minister of Institutional Relations, Alexandre Padilha, exposed Lira.

Lira’s initiative put the government on alert. In his second year in office, Luiz Inácio’s situation is dramatic to the extent that no one doubts that it is the right wing who rules the country. And this conclusion is independent of the opinion one has about the PT, about the ministerial composition or about the representatives. Although the PT has been, over the last 20 years, the right’s best instrument for tarnishing the name of the true left, always governing with a right-wing program while pretending to be popular, the truth is that even those who don’t agree with it are forced to recognize that the country is in the hands of an openly right-wing gang, led by Mr. Arthur Lira. Those who rule are this gang of professional white-collar criminals.

Arthur Lira is the same man who supported the Bolsonaro’s government from 2021, who supported and worked for the re-election of the right-wing extremist bandit, and who became the most influential man in the country when he received R$53.9 billion with the “secret budget” and thus he gathered an army of parliamentarians thirsty for personal power, giving them absolute control of the Chamber. A minimally “progressive” government, so to speak, if that were the case, once elected and inaugurated, would have as its first measure to confront it – in the worst case, to dry up its source – because, otherwise, it would know that instead of governing, Lira would govern. Said and one. The current government not only accepted the leash, but reinforced it: in 2023, there were R$34.6 billion in parliamentary amendments, not counting more than R$100 billion that were used in negotiations – the majority of which goes through Arthur Lira. Unfortunately for the Nation, at this point, Bolsonaro did even less than this government.

Strengthened by the government itself, now de facto president Arthur Lira uses the strength acquired to put on pressure. One of the projects will directly target land occupations – which comes as no surprise, as Lira, who supports this government, is from a family that owns more than 20,000 hectares distributed across 115 agricultural latifundia in Alagoas.

It is not without reason that strikes at federal universities have exploded – mobilizing teachers and masses of students in more than 70 universities and 300 federal institutes – and that peasants continue to seize lands, even if part of it is mere cowardly manipulation of the masses thirsty for a piece of land. This is the sense of the “red April”, in which the top management of the MST wants to continue fighting for the land given its unmasking as a movement which supports the government, and also wants to take the opportunity to pressure the government in search of profitable positions for themselves and those close to them, and therefore traffic with the interests of poor peasants by intermediating and managing million-dollar projects. The crude reality is that the entire civil service has frozen its salaries, while the high state bureaucracy at its three levels, made up of technocrats, high rank military forces, the barons of the judiciary and the noble parliamentarians, accumulate indecent privileges.

Those ideologues of opportunism are already using arguments to renew illusions in the government. The strongest of them, according to which, the current government cannot do anything, as Lira is strong and anything that is done could result in government’s deposition. Thus, they manipulate the image of reality in the minds of workers through an unleashed publicity of wonders that make it appear that we are before a left-wing government, which however accepts to govern with a right-wing program, justifying itself with verbose juggling, of which is the condition for not being deposed. However, the reality is that we are facing a right-wing government, made up of a coalition of right-wing reactionaries and opportunists from the false left or bourgeois left who, painting themselves with the colors of the popular struggle, do not mind being pawns in the board of latifundium, imperialism, mainly Yankee and the big bourgeoisie – as long as crumbs are given to the masses to keep them calm and accepting wage slavery. The popular masses, however, do not aspire to achieve crumbs and are increasingly understanding that the survival of their honor and dignity requires to struggle for their rights and to impose their will to the current government, to this right-wing parliament and to the other reactionary institutions of this old genocidal State.

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