Spanish State: Red May Day in Madrid

Featured image: forefront banner of the Maoists for the 1st of May. The banner reads: Proletarians of all the countries, unite! Long live the People’s War in India, Turkey, Peru and the Philippines. Source: Servir al Pueblo (Serve the People)

Hereby we publish an unofficial translation of the report of 1st of May in Madrid published in Servir al Pueblo (Serve the People).

We publish this chronicle of May 1 that we received by email from Madrid, where a group of supporters and readers of the newspaper marched under communist slogans and flags.

Yesterday was May Day, and thousands of workers responded to the call in the most important cities of the Spanish State. In the capital, Madrid, a classist and combative mobilization took place from 12:00, marching from Atocha to the Square Jacinto Benavente. The mobilization was carried out successfully and had a considerable number of attendees. Among the attendees, a small but powerful march of Maoists was present, marching under the powerful slogan “ Proletarians of all countries, unite! Long live the people’s war in India, Turkey, Peru and the Philippines! ” and marching under flags of Palestine and the International Communist League (ICL).

The revolutionaries distributed a large number of leaflets calling for the revolutionary organization of the proletariat, they distributed copies of issue number 11 of Servir al Pueblo to which many attendees showed interest. The revolutionaries chanted revolutionary slogans with enthusiasm: “ In the neighborhoods and in the fields, proletarian feminism! ”; “ We want bread, shelter and work, all the power for the proletariat! ” or “ Long live Marx, long live Lenin, long live Mao Tse-tung!” were some of these slogans. Police officers without uniform tried to intimidate the contingent, trying to take pictures, videos and to escort the march for a good part of the march, or even infiltrate it, but the discipline and proletarian pride of the revolutionaries made their attempts unsuccessful and they marched with even more force if it is possible.

Revisionism and opportunism of the worst kind was also present. The sinister ROL (Right Opportunist Line) of Peru, capitulators and traitors to the people’s war in Peru, snitches and collaborators with the police, were present at the march. Some marched with false flags where “PCP” appeared, with flags of the old Peruvian State and with banners and slogans of the ROL in its different expressions (talking about general amnesty and a new constituent process, denying the people’s war, etc.). In front of the ROL, the revolutionaries chanted strong slogans in favor of the people’s war in Peru and warned several demonstrators on the presence of these traitors . Like cowardly rats that they are, the ROL never marches alone but rather takes shelter under the umbrella of other revisionisms, in this case with those who deny the character of a war of imperialist aggression to the war in Ukraine, even denying Russian imperialism itself. Faced with this expression of revisionism, slogans in favor of the national resistance of the Ukrainian people were also chanted.

Finally, the contingent echoed the international call of the International Communist League (LCI) to honor the 29 Indian Maoist guerrillas who died in combat in the people’s war in India. They raised slogans about the people’s war in India and carried images showing, in English, “ Solidarity with the fighters of the People’s Liberation Guerilla Army (PLGA). The 29 are immortal!

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