Sweden: Report on the 1st of May

We publish an unofficial translation of a report by the Communist League of Sweden.

The Communist League carried out this year’s 1st of May with great revolutionary enthusiasm. The League carried out a memorial to honor Set Persson, a march and demonstration in a proletarian neighborhood in northern Stockholm, distribution of fliers in central Stockholm and at the end a comradeship with a speeches, dinner and song.

The Communist League started the 1st of May by honoring on of the greatest fighters of the Swedish working class, the anti-revisionist Set Persson, at his grave. Here we highlighted the necessity of recreating the Party that Set Persson led, the Communist Party of Sweden, as a vanguard, general staff and war machine that is able to lead the working class to seize the power and lead the Swedish people to Communism.

The Communist League carried out another manifestation in a proletarian neighborhood in northern Stockholm. In the manifestation slogans were chanted and a speech was held on the current situation and what must be done. The manifestation was met with a large audience and the majority of the fliers were distributed.

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