Partizan Europe: solidarity with those subjected to repression at Taksim

Featured image: The statement of Partizan Europe. Source: Yeni Demokrasi

Partizan Europe has expressed its solidarity with the struggles in Istanbul on the 1st of May and with those who were subjected to repression. As we have reported, 17 Partizan readers were detained for four days and charged with “making propaganda for a terrorist organization”, with six of them incarcerated.

Partizan Europe has published a statement, in which it defines that three fears of the old State materialized in Istanbul on the 1st of May: “First, the masses showed their will for Taksim despite the ban. Secondly, carrying Partisan flags with the silhouette of İbrahim Kaypakkaya. Third, revealing that the State is on the side of Zionist Israel, not Palestine.” This led to the rampant attack. Those 35 people who were detained for four days were Partizan readers and from the organization called the Youth Committees, which had denounced the trade of the Turkish State with Israel.

They call:

“We embrace all the resistance shown for Taksim on May 1 and the progressive will that emerged. We call on everyone to embrace it.

We embrace the will shown for the Palestinian cause and consider the intolerance of fascism, whose collaboration with Zionism has been exposed, as a reason to escalate the struggle.

We embrace İbrahim Kaypakkaya, his communist ideas, his memory dedicated to the people and the revolution, and we proudly undertake the task of promoting it.

Those arrested in the Taksim resistance are the honor of Turkish, Kurdish and working people of various nationalities. We call on the public to be sensitive and to support our detained comrades and friends.

We call on everyone to embrace the Palestinian cause.

We call on you to embrace İbrahim Kaypakkaya and to support him more strongly on May 18, the 51st anniversary of his murder under torture.”

In Zürich, Switzerland, a commemoration of İbrahim Kaypakkaya was held on the 4th of May. In the speech, the attack against Partizan and the 1st of May was denounced and the resistance at Saraçhane was saluted.

Commemoration of İbrahim Kaypakkaya in Zürich, Switzerland. Source: Yeni Demokrasi
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