Colombia: Proletarians and peoples of the world united against imperialism

We publish an unofficial translation of an article on Nueva Democracia.

A decadent, agonizing and decaying system reigning in the whole world. Imperialism has in a little more than 100 years of existence caused the largest disasters for the masses; wars of plunder, genocides, sharpening of the national oppression, large dispossession of land, hunger, imposition of lackey governments, looting and misery. However, not everything is dark, the perspective for the proletariat and the peoples of the world is brilliant.

Facing this moribund system and all its decadent ideology, the peoples of the world respond in distinct forms of struggle and organization. In Palestine the heroic National Resistance, since Al Aqsa Flood, has inflicted large military and political defeats to the Zionist State of Israel and showed bravery and persistence for liberating the nation displaying great heroism. In Colombia the families organize and resists evictions in the neighborhoods, the women take to the street to denounce sexual exploitation and the peasants block roads demanding lands. In Mexico the peasants mobilize against the crimes of the latifundium, impulse a boycott campaign against the electoral farce and struggle against imperialist mega-projects. In Brazil the peasants resists the attacks of the big landlords and organize to take the lands of the latifundium. In Haiti the masses and several armed groups struggle against foreign domination. In Ukraine the masses continue struggling against the invasion of Russian imperialism and in Europe the peasants protest against the increased costs of production. In Congo the masses struggle against the imperialist looting, burning Yankee and Belgian flags at the gates of the imperialists embassies and in the office of the UN Operation. In India the peasants struggle against the lower prices of their products and against the repression of the old Indian State. In Peru, Turkey, India and the Philippines People’s Wars develop against the latifundium, imperialism and bureaucratic capitalism.

This First of May, the international day of the working class, as put forward by Engels, the proletariat and the peoples of the world mobilize as a single army, under the same flag and for the same objective: to sweep imperialism of the face of the earth. They will show the capitalists and the big landlords of all countries that, in fact, they can not continue governing as they have used to, and the proletarians of all countries are united and can not continue living under this system.

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