We publish an unofficial translation of an article published here. In this list are recorded the murdered and injured workers.

We publish another effort to record bourgeoisie’s crimes from the beginning of 2024 until the end of April.

1/1 A 51 year old guard in a parking lot near the airport of Chania dies at work.

2/1 A Worker in the green service of the municipality of Naxos, was seriously injured in the leg during pruning trees.

3/1 A 61 year old worker in the cleaning service of the Municipality of Alexandroupolis suffered a stroke during garbage collection.

4/1 A food delivery worker was injured while working after a car crash in Agrinio.

4/1 A 39-year-old worker in the Ship Repair Zone in Perama suffered burns in his attempt to contain a fire.

4/1 A ship worker was injured in the leg at the port of Piraeus.

6/1 A food delivery worker in e-food was seriously injured in an underground crossing in Larissa.

6/1 A COSCO employee was injured in the port when a container fell.

11/1 A 43-year-old sailor was injured on a cargo ship in Istanbul.

13/1 A44-year-old anesthesiologist at the “Papanikolaou” hospital in Thessaloniki suffered a stroke during a 24-hour shift service. They also worked during the previous day.

17/1 Two bakery workers in Thessaloniki were taken to the hospital in a semi-conscious condition after a gas leak.

19/1 A57-year-old worker of a burnt forest restoration program in Evia, in the area of Kotsikia in Agia Anna, was injured in the head and other parts of his body, in an attempt to cut a burnt pine.

22/1 The sailer Dimitris Thomas lost his life when he drowned in the bay of Thessaloniki. He worked on the ship “Supler” of the shipping company ECO VII N.E.

23/1 Five teachers had a serious accident on the Ionian road. During their journey from Ioannina to several schools in Katouna, the car caught fire. The working teachers abandoned it in time.

24/1 A cleaning worker of the Municipality of Glyfada was injured in the hip and broke her arm after falling on the bin at the back of the garbage truck.

26/1 A cleaning worker in the Municipality of Central Corfu was seriously injured when the garbage truck’s bin fell and crushed his left thumb.

29/1 A worker in HEDNO’s work in Skiathos was electrocuted and suffered severe burns in his attempt to cut a cable.

7/2 A 57-year-old worker at the Ymittos EAS factory was got a stab wound his hand by a milling machine. The employee had recently changed his work position.

9/2 A 55-year-old worker died and a colleague was seriously injured at the SABO facility in Chalkida. A crane truck left its seat and the two workers fell from a great height.

12/2 A22-year-old worker, a Palestinian refugee, died in Lasithi during a hotel renovation. The worker was crushed by a wall. They tried to hide the crime by attributing his death to pathological causes.

14/2 A 42-year-old worker was injured in Chalkida shipyards during works in a floating tank.

23/2 A 60-year old worker lost his life while working in Thessaloniki when he fell from a great height.

23/2 An Aerial worker of HEDNO, was struck by a thunderbolt from a substation current on a Medium Voltage line, while performing damage restoration work. He suffered multiple burns.

24/2 A construction worker was seriously injured in the foot during work in the Municipality of Igoumenitsa.

27/2 A 60 year old sailor was injured on the ship “PELAGITITIS”, at the port of Mytilene when he was banged by the anchor, resulting in a fracture on his femur bone.

29/2 A construction worker on a building site of the E65 road in Agios Stefanos Domokos was seriously injured by a tar-producing machine.

3/3 A worker was seriously injured in Corinth when a PPC column broke and fell with the worker on a car.

3/3 A radiologist at the University Hospital of Larissa was injured in the hand and head when she was knocked through a door that fell.

12/3 A63 year old cleaning worker (sick of cancer) of the Municipality of Agioi Anargyroi was injured when she fell from a garbage truck

14/3 The 54-year-old house painter P. E. lost his life when he lost consciousness and fell from a building site in Trikala.

16/3 A food delivery worker was injured in the leg and shoulder in the center of Chalkida when he was carried away by a car.

17/3 A distributor was injured in Thessaloniki when his motorbike collided with a car.

19/3 A 55 year old fish farm worker died while working in Kardamyla, Chios.

21/3 A39-year-old worker in Thessaloniki died when he was crushed by a metal pipe during loading and unloading work.

21/3 A worker at a wind farm construction site in Kozani died when he was trapped in a “spare”.

22/3 A65 year old construction worker was injured falling from the first floor of an apartment building in Patras.

28/3 A59-year-old builder was seriously injured by a piece of iron in the face when he fell into the foundations of a newly built building in Trikala.

30/3 A 42-year-old worker died in Chalkida Shipyards when he was trapped in boat broths.

5/4 A 59-year-old Pakistani worker died when he fell from a high height in a building in Heraklion, Crete.

6/4 A worker died and another was injured when they fell from a scaffolding in Argolida.

9/4 During elevator maintenance in the center of Athens, the 43-year-old worker Nikos Vavatsikos died.

10/4 A worker at the company “seaway technologies GMBH” in Aspropyrgos died when he was crushed by a metal construction.

11/4 A worker was injured by metal panels at the construction site of ETHNKATI in Elliniko.

15/4 A 22-year-old distributor died outside Aktion airport after a collision with a car.

16/4 During work on a two-story building in Pasalimani, part of the building collapsed, resulting in the death of a 31-year-old man and three others being injured.

16/4 A construction worker was injured at the “Reko Beton” when he fell from a height at the construction site of “TEMES” in Messinia.

17/4 A supermarket worker in Patras suffered finger amputation while he was cleaning a cold cuts machine.

21/4 The 40-year-old forklift driver worker in the Maxi paper industry in Katerini, Zafeiropoulos Vassilis, was seriously injured at work. A few days later (2/5) he left his last breath.

27/4 A 36-year-old worker at the company “TERNA EVINDA” was seriously injured in Ikaria when he was affected by an average voltage during maintenance work on a column.

30/4 A worker in the cleaning service of the Municipality of Chania was injured in the face during the gathering of the waste, when a bottle of caustic liquid exploded next to him.

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