The imperialists and their genocidal lackeys cannot stop the struggle and mobilization for Palestine

Featured image: banner of the Anti-Imperialist Collective with the slogans “Long Live the Heroic Palestinian Resistance!” and “It is right to rebel!”. Source: Røde Fane.

Violence over the people of Palestine continues to intensify. According to UNRWA, there are already 110,000 Palestinians who have fled due to the new attacks on Rafah. These attacks began on Monday, May 6. Around 200 Palestinians abandon Rafah every hour and they go towards Khan Younis and the central areas due to the constant Zionist attacks. In hospitals, patients have been forced to abandon them by the intensification of attacks on the city. As for the death-toll, 34,904 people have been murdered in Gaza, including more than 14,500 children. There are also at least 78,514 injured and more than 8,000 missing. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) are reportedly using white phosphorus to bomb the civilian population in Gaza. The use of this chemical weapons is totally banned by the bourgeois international laws.

The people of Palestine also faces attacks in the West Bank: the latest figures show a number of 498 killed, including 124 children, and more than 4,950 injured. And there are already 8,610 Palestinians detained in West Bank since October 7, an average of more than 39 arrests per day. As we reported previously, the Palestinians suffer torture, harassment and murders in the Israeli prisons according to the information given by the Palestinians who have been able to be free from prisons.

These brutal crimes are directly perpetrated by the State of Israel and they count with the invaluable help from imperialists, mainly from Yankee imperialism. Despite alleged pauses or blockages in the delivery of weapons by Joe Biden, Yankee imperialism continues to equip the Israeli genocidal army with weapons valued in billions of dollars. Therefore, Yankee imperialism is being a decisive accomplice in the perpetrated massacre against the Palestinian people.

The Israeli attacks aiming to silence that what is happening in Palestine also continue. Therefore, organizations for the so-called human rights such as UNRWA are being attacked. This organization has recently reported that it will close its offices in East Jerusalem after receiving attacks from Israeli settlers. The settlers would have burned the offices of the UN Agency and as reported, this attack comes after a long season of threats, harassment and violence perpetuated during the last two months. The media Al Jazeera has also been the objective of Israeli attacks. Recently the Israeli police have raided a studio linked to this media, stating that it is a “threat to Israeli security”, which has being denied by Al Jazeera.

The national resistance continues to fight fiercely against the Israeli occupier, and it is recently reported that in the neighborhood of Al-Zaytoun, Gaza City, the resistance has destroyed several vehicles of the IDF. In these actions, the Al-Qassam Brigades, the Al-Quds Brigades and the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades are participating together in targeting with mortars, RPG’s and other explosives the Israeli troops.

Heroic combats in Rafah are also reported, where the Palestinian resistance is inflicting harsh casualties to Israeli troops. The Al-Quds Brigades have recently shown how they hit Israeli military targets with mortars.

Although IDF try to reduce the relevance of their casualties, recently Israeli helicopters have been seen evacuating dead and wounded Israeli troops from Rafah to other areas.

In Nablus, occupied West Bank clashes have erupted between the people and the Israeli repressive forces after a campaign of arrests launched by the Israeli occupant troops.

Many more actions in solidarity with Palestine and against the State of Israel have been done since the last time we reported. The peoples of the Middle East have continued to attack the State of Israel and the Imperialists. The Yemen Armed Forces have targeted three ships related to Israel in the Indian Ocean and the Aden Gulf.

Hezbollah continues its attacks against the State of Israel and they recently reported on an unprecedented success by launching six suicide drones against Israeli military targets in the Upper Galilee, being intercepted only one of them and successfully impacting the rest of them.

Hezbollah has also reported on a wave of attacks against Israeli military targets near the border with Lebanon. After confirmation of the impacts, it has published a statement detailing the objectives impacted as well as they have published several videos showing the attacks.

The Irak’s Islamic Resistance also has continued attacking Israeli military targets. They have launched drones against the Nevatim base, in Beer Sheba.

In Egypt the people have been showing solidarity with the people of Palestine and it has suffered the repression of their ruling classes, lackeys of imperialism, mainly Yankee imperialism. The authorities have arrested at least 120 people for acts of solidarity with the Palestinians since October 7.

In Morocco, the people has organized more than 100 protests in more than 50 cities in support of the people of Palestine since October 7. Recently there has been one in Rabat.

Rally in Rabat in support to Palestine. Source: Palestinian Information Center

In the belly of the imperialist superpower that supports the State of Israel, in the United States, the protesters continue to show their support to Palestine and the repression also continues. Recently another pro-Palestinian encampment has been dismantled at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where nine students have been arrested. The students demanded the end of the ties with the State of Israel.

A group of pro-Palestinian protesters has entered in a federal institutional building in Des Moines, Iowa, to protest the genocide perpetrated in Gaza, refusing to leave when the building was going to close, being evicted and detained several of them.

Pro-Palestinian protesters in Des Moines, Iowa. Source: Cedar Rapids KCRG-TV

In Malmö, Sweden, thousands of pro-Palestinian protesters held a demonstration due to the celebration of Eurovision semifinals, in which Israel participates. Røde Fane reports that the Swedish State has militarized Malmo and the place where concerts are held. Also it has been reported that Danish and Norwegian police officers have been present. But they have not served to prevent the more than 40,000 protesters who have been attending the mobilizations there.

Røde Fane also reports that yesterday a powerful demonstration was held and was not limited to the concert enclosure, but affected the entire city of Malmö. The demonstration was harassed by the police and also fascist and Zionist provocateurs, who nevertheless were overwhelmed by the protesters. It has been reported that tomorrow there will also be a mobilization.

In France the Students Union Federation (FSE) continue its mobilizations in support to Palestine. In Rennes they held a rally:

In Lille they have done a blockade in the entrance of the University of Lille. The police intervention was need in order to clear the blockade.

In the Spanish State, the revolutionary newspaper Servir al Pueblo has made a brief report with pictures of the encampments for Palestine in several universities of the country.

The Front for the Defense of the People’s Struggle in Ecuador has published an statement condemning the criminal aggression of the State of Israel against the people of Palestine and showing its support to Palestine:

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