Solidarity with the 1st of May prisoners from Vienna

Featured image: Rally in Vienna, Austria, demanding the release of the 49 imprisoned revolutionaries. Source: Yeni Demokrasi

In Vienna, Austria, a rally was held by Partizan and other organizations in solidarity with those subjected to repression on the 1st of May in Istanbul. In the speeches, the revolutionary will expressed in the Saraçhane resistance was highlighted and the release of the 49 imprisoned revolutionaries was demanded. Slogans “Long Live Revolutionary Solidarity”, “Our Leader Ibrahim, Ibrahim Kaypakkaya”, “Revolutionary Prisoners are Our Honor”, “Repression Cannot Intimidate Us” were chanted.

Yeni Demokrasi has published a text evaluating and analyzing the 1st of May in Istanbul this year. In it they highlight the importance of going into the masses, and analyze that going to the masses with a correct line was the reason why despite the attack on Partizan, its communist approach was visible. They also criticize some members, especially the KESK (Confederation of the Public Employees’ Unions) of the May 1st Platform of abandoning the plan of an united and massive march to Taksim and going to their own plans on the last moments before that 1st of May. They also write that even though it is important to insist on Taksim, it is one democratic demand and revolution itself is much more.

“What we see once again on May 1, 2024 is this: Winning Taksim specifically must be part of a broader struggle. Bringing workers and laborers together in a united, combative and solidarity-based line can be achieved by organizing them in their own work areas. Knowing the limits of the struggle in the cities, yet giving it the value it deserves, one must mobilize with self-confidence and a correct sense of courage to create the line to raise them up. Methods and forms of struggle that do not involve involving the masses in the struggle must be overcome. Let’s set out to grow with the call of May 1, 2024…” they conclude.

The whole text can be read here:

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