Editorial – The condemnation of imperialism

We publish an unofficial translation of the editorial of A Nova Democracia.

The general crisis of unprecedented decomposition of imperialism, its epicenter being Yankee imperialism, persists, taking its own inescapable route to the dark tomb of History: a matter of time.

Donald Trump is the first former president of Yankee imperialism convicted in the criminal sphere. This is the result of the trial that investigated the prosecution’s accusation that the former president promoted commercial fraud to omit a bribe paid to a porn actress, with whom he had an affair; the official sentence will only come out on July 11th. This is, in fact, the least important case that weighs on this criminal, investigated or accused of having masterminded the famous invasion of the Capitol, on January 6, 2020, in addition to having seized secret information. This, however, is irrelevant: in any case, Trump can contest the elections and, if he wins them, govern, even if he is in prison.

Donald Trump will be the candidate of the Republican Party mafia – everyone has dropped out of the race. The other Democratic famiglia will choose Joe Biden. Economy and inflation, two central topics for 34% of American voters, work in Trump’s favor: 72% of voters consider economic conditions “reasonable or bad”, and the main concern in the country is the high cost of living (Pew survey Research Center). There is also the successive failures of the Biden government at the international level and its attempts to ensure stable Yankee imperialist interests have been frustrated. On the other hand, the more than 90 complaints against Trump in the judicial system will challenge the ability of marketers to change the masses’ perception of reality. In the end, what remains is the fact that, so far, Trump has gained momentum and seriously threatens to win the elections – and the conviction verdict, at least this one, has not removed any conditions from him.

The general crisis of unprecedented decomposition of imperialism, its epicenter being Yankee imperialism, persists, taking its own inescapable route to the dark tomb of History: a matter of time.

In the Middle East, the Yankee government fails in trying to contain Netanyahu’s genocidal outbursts, on the one hand, and in striking and defeating the heroic Palestinian Resistance, on the other. Added to this are the frustrated attempts to contain the Houthis in Yemen and to stop the influence of Iranian expansionism in the region.

(It is said that the “humanist” Joe Biden, faced with the brutal genocidal action of the Zionist forces in Rafah, in which they eliminated, in a single bombing, 45 people earlier this week with bombs manufactured by the USA, would have stated that Israel has not yet surpassed the “red line” established by the Yankees with that action. This says everything about Biden, as persistent in genocide as his rival Trump).

In Asia, Biden is witnessing the growth of military maneuvers by Chinese social-imperialism in its struggle to retake Taiwan, which would be a severe blow to the strategic plan of Yankee imperialism: losing Taiwan means losing control over Japanese imperialism, the Korean peninsula and even demand a realignment of forces in that region, considered by the Yankee “deep state” as the most strategically important.

In April, the Yankee government tried to demonstrate strength and announced the installation of land-based missiles in the Indo-Pacific region, in the Philippines, in response to “increasing Chinese militarization”; days later, he allowed Zelensky’s government to use American weapons on Russian territory. In response, and also seeking to take advantage of its interests in Ukraine, Russian imperialism announced that it can use nuclear means to dissuade Yankee imperialism, as such missiles can reach its command centers, and began, at the end of May, a military nuclear exercise. Here, it is clear that Putin “talks tough” to sit at the negotiating table with a trump card of “discount” on the price to chop up Ukraine. For its part, German imperialism, seeking to reaffirm its hegemony in Europe, concluded a major military exercise in Lithuania (close, therefore, to Russia) and, through a military officer, stated: “We are ready to defend every inch of our territory”, referring to NATO member countries.

The development of the world situation, the explosiveness of masses and popular and national armed resistance and the increase in wars of prey on the basis of the general crisis of decomposition of the imperialist system, unquestionably reveal the advanced and acute stage of senility of this system, for brighter, more majestic and imposing than their facades. However, it still represents a grave and serious danger to the world, including nuclear confrontations or a new great imperialist world war. However, a world war is not the most likely now as it is of no interest to any of the superpowers or powers, as none of them have completed their preparations for such an event and they also fear its outcome given the unprecedented magnitude of the atomic arsenals of the largest of them. This system, also condemned, continues to threaten progressive humanity. It remains valid, however, that the main historical and political trend continues to be revolution, popular revolutionary struggles for national liberation in oppressed countries. After all, only the liberation of oppressed nations from the imperialist yoke, on the one hand, and the transition from capitalism to socialism on the planetary sphere, on the other, can definitively stop this risk. Attention must be focused on the advancement of revolutionary struggles, on the world revolution and not on the imperialist war.

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