The teachers continue in struggle. Long live the CNTE!

We publish an unofficial translation of an article of Sol Rojo of Mexico.

It is sixteen days since the beginning of the indefinite national strike of the National Coordinating of Education Workers (CNTE) and we are two days away from the election circus of the big bourgeoisie. For the rulers time runs away, for the people the present is a present of struggle.

From the beginning of the strike, the bureaucrat AMLO did not show the slightest interest in resolving the legitimate union and justice demands of the democratic teachers. The discussion meetings offered by the federal government and state governments have only sought to manage the conflict by trying to force the teachers to fall back. The meeting offered for June 4 (two days after elections) pursues the same goal. He did not succeed!

Nor the talks of his opportunist, reformist and political lackeys and diverse revisionists who have tried to demobilize the combative bases using revolutionary phraseology and then calling to “rethink the actions” were useful. In the midst of this day of struggle, the usual traitors alone have burned themselves with their candidates who “obtained registration” by sitting in the lap of social democracy and the bureaucratic bourgeoisie. Others take photos with politicians who seek to continue sucking the blood of the people. For justify themselves by saying that bourgeois elections are a “form of struggle”, but the mobilized bases know that these traitors traffic with the principles of the movement to sell it for a plate of lentils. The bourgeois elections are not the solution!

The teachers’ movement has a long history of class struggle and the actions of this week that is about to end have been strong in places like Michoacán, Chiapas, Guerrero, Oaxaca and Mexico City. The permanent seizure of PEMEX stations in Chiapas and Oaxaca, the sabotage of the ticket machines and the free passage for passengers in the metro in Mexico City, the liberation of tolls or the closure of transnational companies, the withdrawal of electoral propaganda from all the parties and the permanent takeover of the INE offices in different states of the republic, all of it shows it.

The CNTE has made it clear in the streets that this struggle is legitimate because it arises from the bases, and in the absence of satisfactory responses, in addition to the veiled threats and the conditions of the federal government, the democratic teachers have agreed to continue boycotting the election with mass actions including the non-installation of ballots in public schools. The teachers continue in struggle!

AMLO set the discussion meeting until June 4, and the National Representative Assembly (ANR) of the CNTE calls to cordon off the national palace that same day to cover the discussion meeting that will be held by the Single National Commission of Negotiation (CNUN) with the federal government.

Just today CNTE develops a massive mobilization in Mexico City and as it has already been seen, the people salute the actions of the democratic teachers through their different mobilizations. From the sidewalks it is common to witness the applause of the workers, the blessing of the mothers of families who do their chores, the screams or the cards of the students recognizing the effort of their teachers and even the support of the drivers sounding their horn.

Who complain about the alleged “affects” of this strike? The big hotel and restaurants chains, large shopping centers, banking, electoral parties and their candidates. That is to say: the parasitic classes that exploit and oppress the people.

Down with the EPN-AMLO educational counterreform!

Repeal of the Law of ISSSTE!

Repeal of USICAMM!

In defense of retirement and solidarity pension!

100% salary increase!

Free uniforms and school supplies!

Scholarships for all the children of the working people!

Construction and reconstruction of public schools!

Freedom to the political prisoners, alive presentation of the disappeared ones!

Justice for the murdered comrades!

Punishment of the intellectual and material authors of the repression!

Stop State terrorism!

Stop the war against the people!

Don’t vote, organize and struggle!

Turn the strike into a National popular-teachers Strike!

Total boycott to the electoral farce!

Long live the democratic teachers!

Long live the National Coordinating of Education Workers!

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