TKP/ML: KKE (m-l) member Stathis Konstantopoulos is Immortal!

We publish an unofficial translation of an statement of the TKP/ML.

Comrade Stathis Konstantopoulos, one of the KKE (m-l) cadres, was hospitalized and treated a while ago due to serious health problems. However, on June 4, it was announced by KKE(ml) that he passed away.

Stathis, who is also the brother of Comrade Grigoris Konstantopoulos, an honorary member of our Party, TKP/ML and one of the leading cadres of KKE (m-l), who was immortalized on January 23, 2017, was at the forefront of the communist struggle since his young age. During the coup d’Etat period, also known as the Colonels’ Junta, in 1967, he had to live in exile in Canada with his brother Grigoris for a while, and he returned to his country with Comrade Grigoris in 1974. During these years, as one of the students of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, he quickly devoted himself to the development of the revolutionary struggle among the youth.

He is among those who made efforts for the establishment of his party, KKE (m-l), which is the representative of the struggle for communism in Greece. He took part in the struggle for communism as one of the leading cadres of his party for many years. He was always at the forefront of his party’s activities in the Eastern Athens region, and his work has had an impact on a wide range of people. With these activities, he gained great respect not only within his own party but also among other revolutionary movements. As a revolutionary who was loved and followed by the people, he also established close relations with his comrades from our Party, TKP/ML. Despite his serious illnesses and advancing age, he never run away from the battlefields and streets. He even took part in the joint 1st of May event organized by TKP/ML and KKE (m-l) just weeks ago, and even in the last years of his life, he did not lose his enthusiasm for carrying forward the struggle for revolution and communism even for a moment.

Despite the reactionary conflict between the Turkish and Greek ruling classes and the chauvinism and hostility policies they imposed on the people, he was aware of the necessity of creating a bridge between the two peoples for the struggle for communism, which has real interests. He fought to strengthen the law of brotherhood between KKE (m-l) and our party TKP/ML and to transform this brotherhood into a common struggle of the people. With the awareness of this international duty, he took his place in all events organized by his party, KKE (m-l), which is the representative of the Greek proletariat.

The fact that he devoted his life to this cause, despite all the difficulties, without giving up and falling into despair, under such concentrated attacks on the class struggle, is proof of how much he internalized the proletariat’s struggle for communism.

Comrade Stathis’s persistence and enthusiasm in his struggle until the last moment of his life, with his devotion to the cause of revolution and communism, is an example for us. We take over the flag he carried and continue the struggle for communism with the same enthusiasm and firmness.

We deeply regret the death of comrade Stathis and offer our condolences to our brother party KKE (m-l), his comrades and his family.

Comrade Stathis Will Continue to Live in Our Struggle for Revolution and Communism!

Stathis Konstantopoulos Is Immortal!

Long live Proletarian Internationalism!


Communist Party of Turkey/Marxist-Leninist

June 2024

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