CPI (Maoist) statement on Palestine

Hereby we publish a statement by the Communist Party of India (Maoist).


Central Committee

28 May, 2024

Dear Comrades,

Red Salutes!

We welcome your stand on concentrating on various activities across the world in support of the Palestinian freedom struggle. As you said it is a prime issue before the worldwide people and especially before the proletarian parties and anti-Imperialist forces across the world.

Communist Party of India (Maoist) pays its revolutionary tributes to the revolutionary people of Palestine who laid down their lives for the cause of freedom for their mother land from the clutches of Israeli occupation. It conveys its Red salutes to all Palestinian people who are fighting with revolutionary zeal and national aspiration with extreme bravery against the fascist Israeli occupation and its brutal massacres, backed by the US and other western imperialist forces. We are with the Palestine people in their struggle for liberation.

The genocidal war on Palestine by the Zionist-Israeli war machine with the support of US-UK and other western imperialist forces continues unabated. At the same time, the imperialist countries led by US have hindered all peace process in UN assembly. Recently, US passed a bill to provide financial and military aid to Israel for its war on Palestine. At last, it helped to emerge and join the students movements with the global outrage against the US imperialism and Zionist-Israeli state. To crush the ongoing students’ movements in US campus, US ruling classes are not leaving a single stone unturned. Day to day the support for the Palestinian liberation struggle is escalating and the voice against the war is getting louder and louder. GG Party of India (Maoist) resolutely stands with the ongoing movements in support of the Palestinian struggle. It upholds the just Palestine freedom struggle against imperialism as a whole and Israeli occupation and its every anti-national, anti-Palestine measures.

The Indian people and the revolutionary movement in India stand with the armed resistance of the Palestinian people against the Israeli goliath armed to teeth by the US. They also stand in solidarity with all pro-Palestine movements taking place across the world. The Communist Party of India (Maoist) stands with the just freedom struggle of the Palestinian people against Israel and its bosses. CPI (Maoist) has expressed its unwavering support to Palestine liberation struggle on various occasions. The Political Resolution of the Central Committee of CPI (Maoist) in 2023 March specifically highlighted the decades-old struggle of Palestinian people for freedom of their motherland from the clutches of Israeli-Zionist state as a pivotal struggle against imperialism. It stated that “People of Palestine are fighting with dare for liberation of their motherland against the chauvinist aggression, military massacres and aerial attacks of Israel with the support of US”.

The Central Committee immediately issued a statement condemning the unleashing of genocidal war by the Israeli Zionist state on Palestine in October, 2023. It gave a call to the democratic, progressive forces, students, intellectuals, writers, journalists, workers and peasants, left forces of India and nationality organizations to manifest their support to the Palestinian struggle in various forms in all possible ways. The statement also brought forth the matter that the concept of two-nation theory is fundamentally “against the basic rights of the Palestinian people”. The CC of the CPI (Maoist) vehemently condemned the stand of Brahmanic Hindutva Fascist Indian state to curb all pro-Palestine solidarity movements in the country. By blocking the statement of our CC in support of the Palestinian struggle, the fascist Indian state declared war on pro-Palestine movements in India. Thousands of students, teachers, writers and revolutionary intellectuals took several demonstrations against the fascist Israeli state massacre of the Palestinian people, particularly in Gaza. Seminars and conferences were held in solidarity with the Palestinian liberation struggle.

The Central Committee of CPI (Maoist) gave calls to all “party ranks, PLGA Guerrillas Revolutionary Mass Organisations, Revolutionary People Committees and the entire ranks of United Front, people and democrats to observe the foundation week of People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army (PLGA) from the 2nd to the 8th December, 2023, in protest to the unjust war of the puppet of US imperialism the fascist Israel on Gaza, in protest to the massacre of Palestine people and in support to the Palestine liberation struggle”. In the revolutionary struggle areas, the revolutionary masses and revolutionary power organs, along with PLGA units, held several programs like mass rallies, burning effigies of Narendra Modi and Netanyahu and cultural programs in support of the Palestinian liberation struggle. At times of incessant bombings and rampant genocidal attacks on our people in our struggle areas in the name of “Operation Kagaar”, our party and the revolutionary masses undertook the above said programs in support of Palestine struggle.

Several magazines of the CPI (Maoist) from several divisions and zones brought out articles in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle upholding 4 main demands. Those demands are: 1. Reject two-nation theory as it fundamentally goes against the Palestine freedom struggle 2. Netanyahu and top military generals and officers, along with prominent leaders of the Likud party must be tried in International Court of Justice for committing genocides and be punished for its actions. US and other Western imperialist forces must be charged with war crime offences 3. To build movements in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle and against the genocidal war 4. The Indian state must abjure from supporting Israel at the international arena and pressurize it to end war on Palestine. Before implementing these demands the US and its block must stop the war on Palestinians and restore peace. Our magazines analyzed the Palestinian struggle as an anti-imperialist and national liberation movement. The nexus between the military-industrial complex in this war was clearly put down in letters.

The statement issued by Amrut (International Affairs-Central Committee), exposed the “nefarious design of the US imperialism to escalate the war on Palestine and expand the horizon of war in West Asia”. It also exposed the ideological affinity between the Brahmanic Hindutva Fascist BJP’s government and Zionist Israeli state. Before the rise of RSS-BJP to political power in 2014, the Indian state has always stood with the Palestinian freedom struggle. When Israel was carved out from Palestine and declared an independent nation, the Indian state did not recognize it. However, under the regime of fascist Narendra Modi, the Indian state has negated its earlier pro-Palestine stand. It has become a formidable ally of Israeli state. It has impudently abstained from voting against the Israeli genocides and the call to stop the war on Palestine in the UN General Assembly. This is nothing but tacit support to Israeli genocidal campaigns.

The Indian government which is in deep crisis and is not in a position to provide employment to its citizens, shamelessly sent 10,000 workers from India to Israel as replacement to poorly paid Palestinian workers. CPI (Maoist) expressed its solidarity with several Trade Union protests against this barbaric decision of the Narendra Modi’s government. ”Indian state under RSS-BJP regime is strongly emulating Israel and has established an unbreakable bond with it. India state through Israeli technologies and weapons has unleashed severe repression on the democratic voice and on the revolutionary movements. The Indian State is imitating Zionist Israeli methods of repression on the oppressed nationalities and Oppressed masses in India. The CC of CPI (Maoist) gives a call to all mass organizations, democratic forces, human right activists and all progressive sections to protest against the evil alliance between India and Zionist Israel”, the statement accentuated.

The burgeoning contradictions between the imperialist forces are causing imperialist war on oppressed nations and people and proxy war in Ukraine. “Imperialism is war”. Our party approaches the age old Palestinian just struggle with this Marxist-Leninist-Maoist understanding. At the international level, CPI (Maoist) identifies three fundamental contradictions: 1. The contradiction between imperialism and oppressed nations and peoples. 2. The contradiction between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie in the capitalist countries. 3. The contradiction between the various imperialist powers. Among these three contradictions, from our party perspective the first contradiction is the principal contradiction.

The CC of CPI (Maoist) salutes all those brave-hearts especially the Palestinian people who are determined to free their country at any cost. In this Imperialist backing Zionist massacre, more than 35 thousand Palestinian people have lost their lives and more than 70 thousand injured the majority being children and women. The fascist forces have turned Palestine into a space of rubbles. But they have utterly failed to break the revolutionary spirit of the Palestinian people. It is high time to intensify the mass movements in support of the Palestinian struggle and qualitatively turn them into a revolutionary militant mass movement.

The CC assures to intensify to the best of its strength the pro-Palestine people’s movement in our country and participate in the solidarity movements across the globe which upholds the just demands of Palestine people.

The people of Palestine have been waging armed struggle against the Zionist-Israeli state for more than seventy years. Israel is nurtured and backed by US imperialism and other western imperialist forces. Their struggle reflects the concrete condition of Palestine. Imperialism is facing an unprecedented crisis. It is using war machines to crush the national liberation struggles, specially of Palestine. National liberation struggles are in essence anti-Imperialist and democratic in nature. Our Party firmly upholds and supports all national liberation struggles. This is our theoretical understanding on Nationality movements. We absolutely recognize the need of bringing all anti- Imperialist movements and forces under one common platform. This will provide firm impetus to the movements in solidarity with the Palestinian freedom struggle.

Abhay Spokesperson

Central Committee

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