More actions in several countries for the boycott to the “European Parliament” elections

Featured image: revolutionaries in Copenhagen hold a banner for the election boycott which reads, “Boycott the elections! Combat and resist!”. Source: Røde Fane

Hereby we report on more actions of election boycott campaign which is being carried out in several countries of Europe. These actions join many others on which we have reported. These actions are within the framework of a campaign which has published a joint statement, which has been translated into many languages and from which translated posters and leaflets have been made.

Revolutionary activists have carried out several activities in Denmark. At the Nørrebro district, Copenhagen, leaflets have been distributed and around the area of the distribution, posters have been put up. These activities have been accompanied with a visible banner for the election boycott.

In Aalborg along with a demonstration carried out on Saturday’s afternoon in solidarity with the Rafah’s people, the Anti-Imperialist Collective held a speech against Israel, as well against the European Union (EU) and the elections of 9th of June, linking the Zionist crimes with the criminal role of the EU. Røde Fanereports on that and publish an extract from the speech:

“Comrades, Tomorrow, at the same time as one of Israel’s bloodiest and most reckless attacks in Rafah, the EU parliamentary elections will be held. At a time when all eyes should be on Rafah, all the parliamentary parties are busy shifting the entire focus to the EU’s corrupt rat’s nest in Brussels. All parties have already rolled out their usual electoral pork. This year, certain parties have seen the chance to score cheap votes by promising both hot air and empty election promises for Palestine. They hope that the Danish voters are so easy to fool that they can be made to forget that the EU is ruled from top to bottom by the multibillion-dollar lobbies of the industrial and arms manufacturers. Which has made the EU, right from its foundation, a stronghold of Zionism and ensured that the EU’s arms industry has the world’s second most lucrative trade agreements, right after the US. The EU has turned the European arms trade with Israel into a Euro-billion business, which both arms and finances the genocide here and now, today directed specifically at Rafah. The EU’s own official funds also annually support Israel’s military with millions of euros in so-called ‘research money’ for strategic weapons system and military research. If today Israel has the advanced military-scientific skills necessary to carry out such a total and all-encompassing, industrial ethnic cleansing against the Palestinian people, it is because the EU has for decades been behind the financing of these Israeli universities’ genocidal institutes. It is time for Denmark to stop its contribution to and legitimization of this union of Zionism and opt out. The Anti-Imperialist Collective calls on all who are on the side of Palestine to boycott the Zionist Union’s election vote tomorrow, and take up the fight to build a popular movement for Danish secession […]’

On Friday, in Helsinki, Finland, a panel discussion on the EU elections was held. The KTP, IMT and Punaisesta Toiminnasta participated in it, and there was a good number of attendants.

In France, in many places of the countries posters calling to boycott the “European Parliament” elections have been put up.

On Friday, June 7, an info-table was organized in Linz, Austria. by Rote Fahne Österreich and ADRV (Action for Democratic Rights of the People) was done. Leaflets were spread and discussions made. Rote Fahne Österreich has issued a series of article regarding the EU elections.

In Bremen, Germany, also posters for election boycott have been put up.

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