More organizations are joining the boycott to the “European Parliament” elections

This 9th of June the electoral farce will end in Europe. During these days, several organizations have been carrying out a elections boycott campaign in Finland, France and the Spanish State. As we reported, several communist Parties and organizations in Europe made and signed a joint statement, which was translated into many languages and from which were made leaflets to distribute. This statement has been shared by revolutionaries in England and Greece.

Other organizations are carrying out their own campaigns and positions, joining the boycott to the “European Parliament” elections. We also have previously reported on the AGEB’s position to boycott the elections.

In Ireland, Anti-Imperialist Action has made several actions against the propaganda from electoral parties:

They have also published a position regarding the European elections in the last edition of An Phoblacht Abú in favor of the boycott to the elections:

In the Spanish State, Galiza Vermelha has taken position in favor to boycott the European elections, as part of the boycott to militarism and imperialist war:

This position also has been shared by the newspaper Servir al Pueblo.

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