AND: Editorial – Bolsonarism without bolsonaro wins the support of the old bourgeois democracy

We publish an unofficial translation of the Editorial of A Nova Democracia.

It does not matter the intention of the politicians because they only can fulfill the function of managers of oppression and exploitation of the people and the Nation, to quickly later being substituted by others, more aligned with the interests of the “powerful” ones.

Convicted of trying to rob jewelry from the State, that came as a donation made by the fascist government of Saudi Arabia, Jair Bolsonaro will not be imprisoned. Not now. This is an easy calculation to make: this, which is the lightest accusation against the former president, does not have the capacity to precipitate prison, when the investigation that investigates his – obvious! – involvement in the coup plots of November 2022. Sources from the STF say the same: he will only be arrested, if applicable, after the “going through the judge”. This is not, however, where the Bolsonarist danger lies.

A great articulation by the establishment (the core of the powerful economy, the press monopolies, the High Command of the Armed Forces and representative of the US embassy) is underway to get rid of Luiz Inácio, after having used and abused his services, and at the same time, neutralize a right-wing extremist candidacy of Bolsonarism. In May, Luciano Huck organized a lunch with Tarcísio, the president of the Central Bank Roberto Campos Netto, other “authorities” and journalists payed by Marinho family. On April 28, Tarcísio appeared, with lot of visibility, on three long pages of the press monopoly “O Globo”, in the printed edition, receiving praise for his “moderation”, in addition to abundant publicity for the projects of the São Paulo administration. Everything here is symptomatic.

Without Bolsonaro in 2026 to justify the banner of “national union for democracy”, what will become of the PT candidacy? It is not without reason that, right now, the traditional right, inside and outside the government, is shoving successive defeats in Congress down the president’s throat. After asking, on June 5th, for the “centrão” ministers to appeal to their deputies in Congress to support the government’s projects of electoral interest, Luiz Inácio received in response, via statements in the press, that they will only mobilize for projects of interest to the dominant classes (the so-called “economic agendas”). Outside the government, right now we have Arthur Lira planning, as a matter of urgency, on the 6th, a project that reviews the “award winning plea bargain”, which could even make proceedings against Bolsonaro unfeasible – although this would not pass the STF, it is a fact that reinforces the ideological mobilization of the Bolsonarist social base, with a view to the 2024 and then 2026 elections.

The question remains: what kind of “resistance to Bolsonarism” does this current government intend to be, by persistently frustrating workers and the base of popular movements that it still manipulates through its co-opted opportunist leadership, by not fulfilling its campaign promises, and on top of that, making deals with notorious Bolsonarists, even from the liberal right, like Arthur Lira and the physiological “centrão”?

The popular masses have, once again, proven the failure of this electoral path as a means of resisting the advances of the reaction. With Bolsonaro replaced, the structures of domination of the dominant classes of big bourgeoisie and landowners, servants of imperialism, mainly Yankees, remain and impose the need for a president in their image, similarity and roots. And, in this sense, the intention of politicians matters little, as they can only fulfill the role of administrators of the oppression and exploitation of the people and the Nation, only to be replaced by others, more aligned with the interests of the “powerful”, leading to forward with new momentum, even if more weakened than ever, the reactionary march.


We could not fail to address the grotesque, from various points of view, Constitutional Amendment Proposal (PEC) presented by Flávio Bolsonaro, which seeks to give coastal strip of marine territories to the private sector. It is an obvious real estate speculation maneuver, which seriously threatens the access of the poor masses to leisure, because, once the constitutional precedent is set, all the demons will come out of the shadows and new projects will advance to take over other territories of traditional populations on the coast. It is also irresponsible from the point of view of the natural environment: these territories are a natural protection that, occupied with real estate construction, as would inevitably happen, would result in announced “catastrophes” (true premeditated crimes against the people), such as the enormous flood that destroyed Rio Grande do Sul. Not to mention the weakening of national defense, by undermining sovereignty in these territories. More scandalous is to note that, in the Chamber, the proposal was approved with the support of five deputies, who are also ministers of the false left government: André Fufuca, André de Paula, Celso Sabino, Juscelino Filho and Silvio Costa Filho, as well as others so many, from PCdoB.

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