Argentina: Riots against Austerity

Featured image: fires and flames in front of Argentina’s Congress

Riot police in Argentina clashed with crowds protesting President Javier Milei’s economic reform plans outside the country’s Congress. On Wednesday, demonstrators in Buenos Aires marched against proposed austerity measures and after being attacked by riot police in return lobbed petrol bombs and stones and set cars alight.

The police used water cannons, rubber bullets, pepper spray and tear gas to disperse the huge crowds. Dozens of demonstrators were injured, fifteen were reportedly arrested and 20 police officers were injured, officials said. The harsh violence used by riot police has sparked outrage and condemnation from “human rights” organizations and international observers.

With the announced state of economic emergency cutting pensions and watering down labor rights come along. More measures including a generous incentive scheme for foreign investors, tax amnesty for those with undeclared assets and plans to privatize some state-owned companies passed the senate.

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