Philippines: 12 AFP soldiers eliminated and new crimes against the people in Negros island

Featured image: Aurora area, Luzon, Philippines. Source: Philippine Revolution Web Central

Recently some new successes have been reported in the People’s War in Philippines, which is lead by the Communist Party of Philippines – CPP. Previously we have reported on other successful actions.

During the second half of May, in the towns of Maria Aurora and Dipaculao, Aurora, Luzon, the New People’s Army – NPA, alongside with the peasantry of the area, has inflicted several blows to the old Filipino State troops (Armed Forces of Philippines – AFP). Specifically the 84th and 91st IB have received these blows. At least seven soldiers have been eliminated and other two have been injured. According to reports, AFP has responded to these defeats with terror against the people and it has used drones, helicopters and dropped bombs and indiscriminately gunfired against the population, murdering one youth and affecting 3,633 families in the area.

Additionally in Masbate, at least five AFP soldiers have been eliminated by the NPA. The NPA guerrillas have spoken with the residents of the area and reports that the masses see the troops, police and paramilitary of the old State as “butchers, murderers and armed mercenaries of the greediest and most power-hungry”.

The old Filipino State responds to these defeats punishing the people and continues showing its role as spearhead of the imperialist interests in Philippines. Recently it has been reported that the 54th IB has dropped bombs against the the civilians in Kalinga, Luzon, Philippines. These bombardments have affected to at least 2,700 residents in the area. They have also detained one alleged NPA member. It has been reported that they have bombarded this area from last year March in order to evict it, because the ruling classes wants to build two big hydroelectric power plants in the area, against the will of the people.

Another of their most outstanding criminal actions are happening in the Negros island, where it is reported an increasing militarization and bigger deployment of troops, due to the increasing struggle and rejection of the people towards the old State and its policies. More and more crimes are being committed against the people by the State troops: it is reported that the 94th IB and the paramilitary troops has been raiding houses and arresting peasants. Also in the Negros island the 79th IB has been murdering civilians and stating they were NPA supporters, and it has done it with the collaboration of hit-men groups and other mercenaries in order to terrorize the people.

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