Information meetings of the ANTI-IMPERIALIST LEAGUE

We publish the information meetings published by the Anti-imperialist League.

Information meetings of the ANTI IMPERIALIST LEAGUE, which recently commenced its organisational work with the slogan ‘All anti-imperialists of the world, unite’, are taking place in various European countries and cities. The ongoing economic and political crisis of imperialism is leading to an intensification of attacks on the oppressed peoples of the world. Concurrently, a continuation of various revolts, uprisings and resistances can be observed worldwide.

In this context, the ANTI-IMPERIALIST LEAGUE, which has been established by various organisations and institutions from all over the world that have united on the basis of a holistic perspective of the struggle against imperialism, plays an important role. We would like to extend an invitation to all our members and friends to attend our information sessions, entitled ‘Let’s organise in the anti-imperialist league against imperialism and all kinds of reaction: let’s develop the anti-imperialist struggle together!’. The objective of these sessions is to gain a deeper understanding of this initiative and to facilitate a constructive exchange of ideas and proposals. This will enable us to refine our position and define a unified strategy capable of transforming the collective anger of the global population into a force capable of effectively challenging imperialism.

European Partizan


15 June 2024 Hour: 18.00, Zentralstrs. 78, 8003 Zurich

16 June 2024 Hour: 13.00, Mülheimerstrs. 44, 4057 Basel

23 June 2024 ITIF picnic area, Waldhaus Seppenweid 4448 Läufelfingen


16 June 2024 picnic area, Walther-Park Inntraße Innsbruck


23 June 2024 Hour: 14.00, 54 Rue d’Hauteville, 75010 Paris

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