Stop the Extradition of Irish Republicans

We publish the article of Anti-imperialist Action Ireland (AIA).

Following appearances in the Free State courts appearances today, two Irish Republicans are facing extradition to the occupied 6 counties at the behest of British Imperialism.

Seamus O’Kane (Meath) and John McNicholl (Donegal) face charges related to an INLA operation in July 1975 in Derry that resulted in the killing of an RUC officer.

Both Republicans have been granted bail but face further extradition hearings next month.

While AIA welcomes the bail of these Republicans we also highlight that there is a third Republican facing extradition at the behest of British imperialism.

Sean Walsh (Cork) faces extradition to the occupied 6 counties as part of the MI5 led ‘Operation Arbacia’ and is currently in Port Laoise.

With 3 Republicans facing extradition, Republican Activists across Ireland must speak with on voice and say:


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