Pachakutik has confirmed Leonidas Iza as his pre-candidate for the presidency of the republic.

Pachakutik, despite bringing together the indigenous and peasant organizations of the country, has been the vortex where the whirlwind of revisionism and opportunism has liquefied the expectations of the most impoverished and oppressed masses of the country.

In this electoral Party, all the vices of bourgeois-landlord democracy have been recreated. Many of its leaders have known how to ride on the masses, in their struggles, in their demands, in their pains, hopes and even in their blood, to use them as electoral platforms. No strangers to this dark history are Luis Macas, the ineffable Lourdes Tibán, today prefect of the Tungurahua GAD; Salvador Quishpe, Patricio Zambrano, Claver Jiménez, Carlos Pérez Guartambel, alias “Yaku Pérez”, Marlon Santi, Guillermo Churuchumbi, and lately Leonidas Iza.

There are still others, many more, who, from that heap of trash of opportunism, have negotiated the vital effort given by many popular fighters who fought against various governments.

Now, among evangelical blessings that speak of his historical and indomitable warrior spirit; with songs and praises to the “pacha mama”, they announce, once again, the pre-candidacy of Leonidas Iza who, neither short nor lazy, accepts and issues a welcoming speech making calls to the left, yes, in general, to the left, in general, in which they include all that electoral group that knows no dignity, principle or ideology, everyone, together, as in a basket; and of course, it was also necessary to be combative, so it was very opportune to mix up the electoral process without renouncing mobilization. Bullshit!

Already in the previous electoral campaign, Iza was a pre-candidate, and declined to participate in the pathetic electoral race, not because of an act of conscience, but because the accounts were not enough, and he knew that he was going to lose. Today, it seems, he has decided to follow the same path. Studying, establishing a correlation of forces, doing numbers with calculator in hand, then, he will say, it is not enough for me, and suddenly he withdraws from the “contest”; if at all. But, the important thing is that, with his acceptance of the presidential candidacy, he has already strengthened the electoral vice of his associates, of the militants, above all, leaders of his Party, of his organization; he has already contributed to the corporatization of the masses with the “democratic” instruments of the old State; he has already endorsed elections as a mechanism of popular representation and decision-making, he has already endorsed the old State and, with it, everything that the old power of the dictatorship of big bourgeois and big landowners represents in an institutionalized way.

For those who believe that there are “red ponchos” in Ecuador, well, they are mistaken, there is a horde of people who wants to take advantage who do not miss the opportunity to jump into the electoral vacuum to consolidate their orchards of power.

Neither Iza, Noboa, Granja nor anyone else, elections are tools of alienation and domestication of the masses, they are an instrument of domination of the old bureaucratic power. The State, democracy, elections, culture, education… have a class character; therefore, it is up to the conscious element of the class and the people to combat it and destroy all these expressions that are a mirror of the subsisting semi-feudality and semi-coloniality, of bureaucratic capitalism, vitiated, corrupted, ineffective and bankrupt.

DON’T VOTE! It is the slogan of the people. DON’T VOTE! It is the way of the people. VOTE! It is the bureaucratic way, that of creeping constitutionalism, that of opportunism, that of scoundrels.

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