Repression in a Turkish prison against revolutionaries

Marmara Prison in Silivri. Source: Yeni Demokrasi

Partizan prisoners in the Marmara prison, in Silivri, have a two-months visits ban after making a commemoration for the Week of the Martyrs of the Party and the Revolution.

Imprisoned Partizans will not be able to receive visits for the next two months after making a commemorative action in the prison. This is what a disciplinary investigation has stated after the action that was held last week of January.

We have reported on several occasions on how the old Turkish State attacks the democratic rights, for example detaining, torturing and billing Partizan readers after bearing the silhouette of Kaypakkaya (what it is not illegal in Turkey):

This is not the first time that something similar happens. During the past weeks, 14 prisoners that include Partizan readers, Grup Yorum artists, and others received the same ban after commemorating the immortalized comrades after the prison massacre on the 19th of December.

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