New attacks in the false “safe zones” and solidarity of the peoples with Palestine

Feature image: wall painting in Mexico. Source: Sol Rojo Mexico.

Palestinians continue being murdered by the Israeli State, who does not hesitate to attack zones that they themselves have declared as “humanitarians” as Al-Mawasi. This area is placed near the office of the Red Cross in Gaza, and after a “precise intelligence-based operation” against supposedly Hamas bases, 25 Palestinian have been murdered and other 50 injured in an attack on a place that Israel said that was a “safe zone”. The survivors have stated that the place was attacked two times.

The death toll rises to 37,551 murdered and 85,911 injured in the Gaza Strip. Since the beginning of the attacks, more than 552 Palestinians have been murdered by the Israeli forces only in the refugees camps in West Bank, and other 5,200 were injured. The number of detainees in West Bank continues growing since October 7, with at least 9,300 people detained.

On June 19, Israel announced that the plan for a ground offensive in the south of Lebanon was approved. Without surprise to anyone, given the increase in news about a possible war between Israel and Hezbollah, Yankee imperialism quickly showed its support for Israel and assure that it will provide Israel with everything necessary to “support its ally”, as they stated. In meetings between Israel, through the Minister of Strategic Affairs and the National Security Advisor together with the United States, where the head of the Yankee imperialist government, Joe Biden, and other important senior officials such as Jake Sullivan, Antony Blinken and Brett McGurk, were present, the United States assured the supply of weapons and everything necessary for a possible war with Hezbollah. US officials themselves have strong doubts that Israel can withstand Hezbollah’s bombing, even with the Iron Dome defense system, according to CNN.

Meanwhile, the solidarity actions continue all over the world.

Last week was the week of actions in solidarity with Georges Abdallah, political prisoner of the French State, jailed since 40 years ago. We have previously published the report of actions in France, where a successful demonstration for his liberation with more than 3,000 people took place.

Also from Mexico there have been reported many actions in solidarity with Abdallah.

In different cities of Morocco, pro-Palestinian rallies took place.

Shifa, Morocco

Berkane, Morocco

Rabbat, Morocco

Protest outside KFC and McDonald’s in Islamabad to express solidarity with Palestine. Slogans as “Boycott McDonald’s” were chanted.

In Finland, the police attacked the University camp in Helsinki, which lasts more than 6 weeks. The camp, that demands the end of the relations between the university and Israel, was attacked by the police at midnight, after the university called it because “they were causing several problems”. Students have declared that they are being repressed for exercising their democratic right to demonstrate.

In Oslo, Norway, a demonstration on 15 June with activists of the Kampkomiteen was carried out. The demonstration started in the Ministry of External Affairs and ended in the Israeli embassy. In the demonstration motorcyclists, followed by people walking, shouted slogans as “Support the Palestinian resistance struggle! – Long Live Palestine!”.

Activists also participated in the summer market in Kristiansand, Norway, of the Palestinian Committee and the Palestinian Association. The experience of a doctor in Gaza was shared, on the suffering of the people and the medical staff who is imprisoned, tortured and even murdered. It was also stated that he never saw a Hamas militant, tunnels or arms in hospitals, but lots of IDF soldiers, contradicting the lies of Israel to try to “justify” their genocide.

Source: Kampkomiteen

In Lyon, France, workshops on graffiti and collages with youth from the neighborhoods are being done to politicize the neighborhood and make the youth part of it.

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