Actions commemorating the Day of Heroism

We hereby publish some impressions of actions commemorating the Day of Heroism, we found:

Revolutionaries in the Denmark have marked this important day by setting up a Dazibao at Nørrebro Station in the capital Copenhagen. The Dazibao illustrates the rebellion in the three prisons and is an extract from PCP’s illustrations on the Day of Heroism:

In Aalborg, the Anti-imperialist Collective and Palæstina Nordjylland held a joint screening event at the evening in Café 1000Fryd, where the Day of Heroism was also marked.

A painting was carried out in Vantaa, Finland, to commemorate the Day of Heroism:

“Long live the Day of Heroism!”. Source: Punalippu

Revolutionary activists in Norway have hung up a banner and four red flags with hammer and sickle on the occasion of the Day of Heroism. The banner and flags were put up in the east of central Trondheim. The banner bore the slogan “Long Live the Day of Heroism!” flanked by hammer and sickle:

A painting was done in the working class neighborhood of Patraix in València, Spanish State:

Long LIve the 38th anniversary of the Day of Heroism in Peru. Source: Servir al Pueblo

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