Excerpts of the Declaration of Georges Abdallah

We publish an unofficial translation of excerpts on Palestine of the declaration of Georges Abdallah on 15th June published by Nouvelle Époque.

Dear Friends, Dear Comrades,

Your mobilization today, in support of the heroic Resistance of the Palestinian people and in solidarity with their activists being prosecuted, is immediately part of the global dynamic of the struggle against the genocidal attacks unleashed for more than 250 days, in Gaza and West Bank.


Dear Friends, Dear Comrades, from the beginning of the twentieth century until today, the Palestinian people have never stopped to struggle against the Zionist settlement project. Several decades of struggle, sacrifice and suffering have shaped the Palestinian Being at the deepest level of its identity. The thousands of martyrs and prisoners as well as the hundreds of thousands of refugees in the camps, in Palestine and in neighboring countries, have contributed to considerably complicating the existential conditions of the Palestinian people and consequently the objective conditions of their resistance.

These people have defeated the entire colonialist settlement policy implemented for more than a century by the Zionist expression of the imperialist West. The genocidal process is inscribed in the genetic code of all settlement colonization; The methods of ethnic cleansing implemented by the settlers do not matter. Despite all the suffering and the sacrifices of the Palestinian popular masses from the beginning of the last century until today, the Palestinian people remain the majority in historic Palestine. The Zionist movement has never succeeded and will never succeed in breaking the unshakable will of Palestinian women and men, young and old, to lead the struggle on all fronts to liberate Palestine, all of Palestine. It is this historical resistance deeply rooted in collective memory which constantly revives Palestinian identity.

In this time of war, massacres and repression, fascistization, propaganda and manipulation, great struggles and mass mobilization and above all this exciting burst of active youth, against the backdrop of this multidimensional global crisis of globalized capitalism and the exacerbation of all its contradictions, for the first time in the history of humanity, millions of people are witnessing a genocide in progress. Certainly, until today the genocide committers continue to rage in Gaza, with the support and active – and desperate – support of the main Western imperialist powers. However, thanks to the heroic resistance of the Palestinian popular masses and their struggling vanguards, and above all also thanks to the massive solidarity mobilization almost everywhere in the world, Palestine is resisting and reoccupying, more than ever, its place at the forefront of the international scene. More than 250 days of war, and despite all the arsenal of destruction placed at the disposal of the genocidal aggression, the criminal army of Zionist occupation is sinking deeper and deeper into the sand of Gaza. It is clear once again that it is not the capacities for destruction in the service of imperialism which ultimately decide victory or defeat, but rather the women and men intimately linked to the popular masses of their country and who are struggling against the occupation and for the liberation of their people.

The Palestinian National Liberation Movement, in the plurality of its political and organizational expressions, arouses today, through the self-sacrifice and unwavering resistance of its fighters, the admiration and enthusiasm of all the living forces working for freedom, liberation and emancipation and against capitalism which is nothing but barbarism. Let us be worthy of the struggle of these popular masses who, starved and massacred daily, remain standing and cry out in the face of humanity!

Shame on all those who, through their silence and cowardice, actively contribute to the false propaganda broadcast all day long!

Shame on all those who pretend to know nothing about what the Zionist supremacists in power are currently committing in the West Bank and Gaza!

Honor to all those who are mobilizing to denounce the abominable crimes in progress… more than 15,000 children murdered, not to mention those who are adults and all those who are still under the rubble of towns and camps intentionally destroyed…

Quite naturally, the accomplices of all these crimes call for us to look elsewhere.

Dear Friends, Dear Comrades, certainly there is room for futures other than submission to the criminal dictates of moribund capitalism and the barbarity of its genocidal and other wars.

May a thousand solidarity initiatives flourish in favor of Palestine and its promising Resistance! Solidarity, all solidarity with the resistance fighters in Zionist jails, and in solitary confinement cells in Morocco, Turkey, Greece, the Philippines and elsewhere around the world!

Solidarity, all solidarity with the young proletarians of working-class neighborhoods!

Capitalism is nothing but barbarism, honor to all those who oppose it in the diversity of their expressions!

Together Friends and Comrades, and it is only together that we will win.

Palestine will live and Palestine will certainly be victorious.

To all of you, Comrades and Friends, my warmest revolutionary greetings.

Your comrade Georges Abdallah

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