Turkey: Repression against the democratic newspaper Yeni Demokrasi

We hereby publish an unofficial translation of an article published by Yeni Demokrasi:

An investigation was launched against our newspaper’s Editor-in-Chief, Tuba Apaydın, by the Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office for “making propaganda for a terrorist organization”.

The event held by Partizan and YDG in Samandağ in 2022 was raided by the police. In the venue where the event was held, the police broke the walls, removed the silicone from the windows, and even destroyed the food. 29 people were dragged on the ground and detained with handcuffs behind their backs. Our newspaper also reported the police torture, which was recorded on video by the public, publishing it due to consideration of the public’s interests. These images and the news were used as a reason to launch an investigation against Apaydın.

Apaydın, who testified within the scope of the investigation initiated on the allegation of “making propaganda for a terrorist organization”, was asked whether he knew the 29 people detained. In the investigation file, it was claimed that the news on our newspaper’s website contained statements “praising the organization”. Apaydın was asked questions about these allegations.

Apaydın’s lawyer, Destina Yıldız, said that a lawsuit had been filed against her client with the same allegations before, and that she was acquitted in these cases, and requested a decision of non-prosecution regarding this investigation.

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