The presentation meetings of the Anti-Imperialist League (AIL) continued in Paris

We publish an unofficial translation on the article of Yeni Demokrasi on the presentation meeting of the AIL in Paris held on 23rd of June.

Representatives from Turkish and French anti-imperialist and anti-fascist organizations, from the Ligue de la Jeunesse Révolutionnaire (LJR), Jeunes Révolutionnaires (JR), the Student Union Federation, as well as representatives from Proleter Devrimci Duruş, AVEG-KON and ADHK attended the meeting. In the presentation made on behalf of Partizan, the founding purpose and political perspective of AIL were explained, while at the same time, the struggle for hegemony triggered by the deepening crisis of the imperialist capitalist system was emphasized. It was pointed out that the crisis that the imperialist system is going through, the struggle for hegemony, and the spiral of aggression paved the way for the spread of unjust wars.

It was mentioned that the escalating imperialist aggression will encounter resistance from the peoples of the world, and that it is necessary to understand the importance of responding to this aggression at a principles level by developing the struggle to carry out Democratic People’s Revolutions and Proletarian Revolutions. In this context, the Partizan representative emphasized that the anti-imperialist struggle must be organized and expanded with the perspective of AIL’s ideological and political perspective, and that AIL is a struggle front and tool that responds to this, and it should be embraced and given strength, and all anti-fascist, anti-imperialist forces should support AIL. He invited us to examine the perspective and program of AIL, to give strength to AIL and to walk together.

Pointing out that there are ambiguities in the understanding of anti-imperialism, the representative emphasized that this was revealed specifically in Ukraine and Palestine how the anti-imperialist struggle is an integral part of the Proletarian World Revolution struggle against capitalism, and emphasized that the wrong handling of this issue is an attitude that reproduces bourgeois politics.

Young French revolutionaries took the floor and stated that they recognized the AIL principles, that they were a part of this struggle perspective, and that they wanted to be together in the next promotional meetings and struggle areas. The discipline and excitement of the revolutionary young people, who made up approximately half of the hall, were remarkable.

The representative from ADHK emphasized the importance of establishing anti-imperialist unions as AIL, providing strength and support, and the importance of joint action by all anti-imperialist forces. Speaking on behalf of AVEG-KON, the representative wished success to AIL and Partizan and again touched upon the importance of anti-imperialist struggle unions and commonality in the struggle. The Proleter Devrimci Duruş representative welcomed the AIL and said that they wanted to join the anti-imperialist struggle within the framework of the AIL, and were ready to make what is necessary. However, he expressed the position that Hamas was considered an ally by the AIL, while he described it as an Islamist reactionary force.

Finally, the Partizan representative spoke, explaining that they looked at the issue based on MLM political principles, and that some reactionary forces objectively existed within the world revolutionary front with their legitimate national struggle and resistance against imperialism, with historical examples.

The AIL Promotion Meeting ended with the Partiszn representative’s call to all anti-imperialist, anti-fascist forces to join AIL, to give them strength, to examine AIL and to unite anti-imperialist struggles, and with the words “unity, struggle, victory against imperialism”.

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