More actions done for the Day of Heroism

Featured image: people’s festival in Bremerhaven, Germany. Source: Dem Volke Dienen

There are reports of more recent actions done for commemorating the Day of Heroism since last time we reported on it.

In Germany people’s festivals have been carried out on the streets of several cities, where the Day of Heroism have been commemorated among other activities.

On Saturday, June 22nd, the Red League Germany organized a street festival in the Goetheviertel in Bremerhaven. By lively participation of the residents of the neighborhood, the festival was successfully carried out together with the people who have actively helped.

There were homemade waffles and a warm meal at a food and beverage stand, which was prepared with the help of the people. At an information stand, there were, among other things, to acquire Rote Post and the Klassenstandpunkt.

Due to various progressive, folk and anti-imperialist music in different languages- especially Turkish, Bulgarian, Serbian and Arabic- as well as cultural contributions from neighbors in the form of guitar and vocals, a continuous good mood was created. The music was also used to dance collective folk dances. In the meantime, the residents were able to exchange and network, as well as discuss the political situation in the district – but also internationally, especially with regard to Palestine.

Flags of the Palestinian National Resistance Front, as well as red flags and banners adorned the stands and the street. One of the banners was devoted to June 19, the Day of Heroism, which 38th anniversary was last Wednesday – “Long live the Day of Heroism! Glory to the fallen heroes of the revolution!”.

On Sunday, June 23, the “Festival of the Peoples” took place in the middle of Duisburg’s Blucher Park. Although the police tried to prohibit the event in advance, numerous people came together in Hochfeld to play football, discuss, eat and dance.

In addition to the different internationalist-cultural contributions, several combative speeches were held to address the problems in the district, such as the racist division or the police in the district. There were several speeches, which, in particular, responded to the struggle of the oppressed peoples against imperialism and proudly announced the anti -imperialist league as a new organizational center of this struggle. In addition, the Day of Heroism was also discussed and the importance of this day for all revolutionary and anti-imperialists was highlighted.

Although it rained heavily, this did not detract the mood. Bulgarian Roma and her children in particular created a good and internationalist atmosphere at the festival. Spontaneously, some of the children entered the stage to perform Eastern European pop and rap songs. The cultural contribution quickly attracted other residents from the surrounding houses. Young adults from Hochfeld, activists from the revolutionary movement, children and revolutionary danced and sang together. The cultural representation was completed by the fact that children on their own started chanting slogans for the freedom of Palestine and gave their clear rejection by the microphone and gestures to the cops present.

In Albacete, Spanish State, an extensive graffito has been done for the Day of Heroism, in which are mentioned the locations of Lurigancho, El Frontón, y El Callao, and also in support to the Heroic Armed Struggle of Palestine.

In Tampere, Finland, a graffito has been done for the Day of Heroism.

Source: Punalippu

In Portland, United States, graffiti have been done for the Day of Heroism and for the Toma 17 de Mayo of Chile.

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