Partizan Germany: We greet the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the Rote Hilfe and the history of struggle

We hereby publish an unofficial translation of a document by Partizan Germany:

Dear Friends and Comrades,

The class-struggle between oppressors and oppressed takes place in different kinds of shapes, but continuously since the emergence of classes.

In every phase of history there was huge resistance and high prices was paid in the struggle against the systems of exploitation and oppression in which we live since thousands of years.

The barbarism of the imperialist, capitalist system of exploitation continues, the market-competition between the imperialists sharpens further and the contradictions are increasing. As a result of the increase of contradictions between the imperialist powers there is war, destruction, massacres in many parts of the world. And millions of people are living in misery and poverty. Thousands of people die on the seas and at the borders. Migration and displacement are increasing. The reactionary rulers thereby safeguard fascist and racist Parties and forces in order to stir up the peoples against each other with racist policies.

The struggle to end all this barbarism, for the liberation of the world, to bring an end to exploitation, to create a free world without classes and borders is just and legit. It is a responsibility and a duty as well!

Against these fascist, reactionary, racist oppression-systems of the ruling classes the workers and toilers, the class-conscious proletariat, multiple revolutionary, democratic, socialist and communist elements of the society combat and resist in the whole world.

Revolutionaries and anti-fascists, who continue class-struggle along a revolutionary line, are under constant pressure of the States and governments and are being detained.

In many countries of the world, political prisoners are being tortured, murdered and their health issues are hidden behind fences and in cells.

Germany, France, Turkey, Kurdistan, Iran, Peru, Mexico, Brazil, Israel, Greece, Hungary, America, Colombia, the Philippines and many other countries: Everywhere where the imperialist-capitalist systems of barbarism reigns, the leaders of the struggle for independence, liberation, revolution and socialism are isolated in prisons. The Red Aid (Rote Hilfe) fulfills an important task by standing in solidarity with the revolutionary, antifascist activists who are imprisoned especially in Germany and other European countries, does not let them alone, making the voices of the prisoners public.

Honor and acknowledgment to the struggle initiated by the Comintern and waged for 100 years!

Let us strengthen the Red Aid on its 100th anniversary, let our solidarity flourish!

Partizan Germany

26th of June, 2024

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