Turkey: 11 more of the 1st of May prisoners were released

Featured image: Taksim square strongly blocked by police. Source: Yeni Demokrasi

Yeni Demokrasi has recently reported on the release of eleven 1st of May prisoners after evaluating the objections done by their lawyers. These protesters gathered in Saraçhane to bravely march to Taksim square to carry out the 1st of May mobilization, resulting in a hard repression by the old Turkish State. They were prevented to access the square by the police and afterwards raids took place and they imprisoned.

Previously were already released six 1st of May prisoners. This is without doubts a good new but there are still 41 people more being held in prison due to the same reason since more than 1 month ago, and they have denied their right to do sports or to receive visits from their families.

We have regularly reported. We remind you the imprisonment years request done by the Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office on which we reported on our last article: 567 years of imprisonment for 42 accused. They were charged with “violating the law on meetings and demonstrations”, “resisting to prevent the performance of duty”, “intentional injury” and “damage to public property”.

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