More detainees for the 1st of May in Turkey

The Turkish newspaper Yeni Demokrasi has reported on more repression to those who dared to demonstrate towards the Taksim Square in Turkey on 1st of May. Today, members of Community Centers and Kaldıraç were detained in Çanakkale and İzmir. The democratic newspaper reported on the statement of both organizations, which demand the release of the political prisoners and the continuation of the struggle of the 1st of May. The detentions took place in home raids during the first ours of the morning.

The detentions happened at the day of the first hearing of the 1st of May prisoners took place. Istanbul Labor, Peace and Democracy forces made a statement in front of the courthouse before the first hearing of the political prisoners, emphasized that “no detention, arrest and pressure” could deter them, and said that they would take back both the 1st of May prisoners and Taksim. During the statement many representatives of political parties and democratic mass organizations attended the action, a banner with the slogan “Freedom for May 1, Taksim, and prisoners” was unrolled.

During the speech done by Çalasın, the necessity of standing together, hand by hand, with the prisoners was highlighted, “We said it the night of the first arrests, we were all there, it is the will of anger against the hunger and misery imposed on the millions walking to Taksim, and they are not alone.” Also the attacks on workers with the Medium Term Program, which increases day by day. The speech continued with a declaration of continuing the struggle of the Taksim Square: “All our friends responded to the arrest decisions with the slogans ‘Everywhere is Taksim, Everywhere is Resistance’. Our evacuated friends ask, ‘Where were we?’ They returned to the battlefields with the slogan ‘This is Just the Beginning, Continue the Struggle”

The speech ended with the following: “It is not a crime to march to Taksim, place of 1st of May, to defend one’s will, belief and identity, to oppose and resist this order that condemns people to hunger, poverty and war. The real crime is the Bozdoğan Aqueduct barricades, imposition of death on retirees, war policies, hostility towards immigrants, and this entire order that means servitude of man to man.”. Afterwards, the names of 8 people who had the hearing was listened and “freedom” was shouted after each one.

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