Unwavering and continuous solidarity with Palestine

Featured image: act in support of Palestine and against the State of Israel. At the event gathered hundreds of people at the Universidade Federal do Amazonas (UFAM), Brazil. Source: Data basis of A Nova Democracia.

The State of Israel, with the valuable support from its Yankee imperialist master, continue its genocidal offensive. The number of murdered continues to increase and the death-toll is reaching already 37,953 dead people at the Gaza Strip, and additionally there are 87,266 injured. From this murdered people, 26 have been in only few hours during this dawn after a series of bombardments.

June also was the month with more attacks from Yemen, carried out by Ansar Allah (know as ‘the Huthies’) against ships. The Iraqi Islamic Resistance has also attacked numerous military targets, for example this week they attacked the Israeli port of Eilat. This week both of them have targeted Haifa, in a joint operation which has drawn the attention of all the bourgeois media.

There have been also many protest actions all over the world. The peoples of the world and many different revolutionary forces do not forget what is happening in Gaza, the genocide and the crimes perpetrated by the State of Israel and the imperialists, mainly Yankee imperialism. Since last time we reported there have been a massive amount of actions all over the world. Here we report just on some of them

In Amman, Jordan, there was a massive protest before the Israeli embassy, to support Gaza and also to denounce the increasing exports from their country towards Israel. This directly points out the role by the Jordan ruling classes, and of many ruling classes in Middle East, being them lackeys of Imperialism, and therefore, accomplices of the genocide against their Palestinian brothers.

In Morocco, another country where the ruling classes have profitable business with the State of Israel and they are subjugated to Yankee imperialism, there has been a massive protest in Tangier. This was because the government gave permission to war ships of Yankee imperialism to stop at the harbor, in order to continue their path to Palestine:

In Kozhikode, Kerala, India, a numerous group of students carried out a march in support to Palestine:

In Brazil there have been several events and pro-Palestinian activities in universities all over the country, drawing the attention of hundreds of people towards Palestine. At the Universidad Federal de Rondônia (UNIR) a week of solidarity with Palestine was held in mid-June. As part of it, on 18th of June a seminar called “Imperialism, national liberation and the Palestinian question” was held. Dozens of attendants were from the Arab/Palestinian community of the city. The event was not limited to an academic character, but it denounced the acts by the State of Israel, imperialism, and encouraged to mobilization. The end of the event had a very combative character, with slogans of support of the Palestinian resistance and burning Yankee and Israeli flags.

Some of the attends of the event held in the UNIR. Source: Data basis of A Nova Democracia

Activists burn Yankee and Israeli flags at the end of the event. Source: Data basis of A Nova Democracia

At the same university, students made a pro-Palestinian encampment from 18th of June until 21st of June as part of this week of pro-Palestinian activities. In this encampment several political-cultural events were held, as well as discussions on the pro-Palestinian encampments held all over the world, and a discussion on the role of the woman in the Palestinian struggle.

Students of the UNIR carrying out several activities in the framework of the week of solidarity with Palestine. Source: Data basis of A Nova Democracia

Also at the Universidade Federal da Fronteira Sul (UFFS), Paraná, the students held a pro-Palestinian encampment during the 21st and 22nd of June, as part of a student strike being held at this university. Activites were carried out such as discussions with issues of A Nova Democracia, film screening and discussions on them, as well an event on the role of the woman in the Palestinian struggle.

UFFS’ students plan the activities of the encampment. Source: Data basis of A Nova Democracia

Also at the Universidade Federal do Amazonas (UFAM) was held an event on the new book of the journalist Breno Altman, titled “Against Zionism”. The event gathered hundreds of people, filling up the place. The event had a clear denounce character against the State of Israel, revealing its colonial and racist character, reaffirming the necessity of struggle and ending with slogans in defense of Palestine.

Massive and combative event at the UFAM. Source: Data basis of A Nova Democracia

In Oslo, Norway, on Saturday 29th of June a demonstration was held for the Pride Day. Within it a powerful block of pro-Palestinians lead by the Palestine Committee and Salam Norway, came up. Within it activists of Kampkomiteen participated with banners in which was read “Support the Palestinian resistance struggle! Free Palestine” and “Do not support the Israeli genocide”.

Source: Kampkomiteen

In Trondheim, Kampkomiteen activists participated in a demonstration for the academic boycott to the State of Israel. The demonstration demanded to the University board to cut all the ties with Israel and to end the cooperation with the Kongsberg Group.

Source: Kampkomiteen

On Saturday 29th of June in Esbjerg, Denmark, a powerful demonstration for Palestine took place. People traveled from all over the country. Roede Fane explains that Esbjerg, and specially the city’s harbor are an important area for Danish imperialism, as it is perfect to send war resources and troops towards and from the Northern Sea, to the rest of the world, and many Danish weapons exported to Israel, travel from this harbor. Also that place has witnessed a continuous militarization.

Source: Roede Fane

In Lyon, France, the Ligue de la Jeunesse Révolutionnaire has carried out several agitation activities with youth from the proletarian neighborhood of Mermoz.

In Chania, Greece, an anti-imperialist mobilization took place on 25th of June against the arrival of the Yankee air-carrier ‘Eisenhower’. The demonstration, which gathered several solidary forces with Palestine, denounced the collaboration of Greece with imperialists and the key role of the air-carrier in the Yankee imperialist policy at the Red Sea, and also its decisive support tot the Zionists’ genocide against Palestine. Moreover, the next destination of the ship will be the south of Lebanon.

Source: Chania Resistance Initiative

In England, recently many actions directed against the weapons industry, Israeli companies and bank monopolies accomplices of the genocide, have been carried out. Pro-Palestinian activists seized the Grid Defence Systems office, a company of armament, subsidiary of Elbit Systems. This caused a disruption of a value of millions of dollars.

In Manchester, actions have been carried out against the office of JP Morgan Chase, to protest against the investments of this bank on the biggest Israeli weapons company, Elbit System. In these actions the office was boycotted and paint was spoiled on it. Also similar actions were done against the Barclays’ office, at the same city.

In United States (US) pro-Palestinian demonstrators confronted in many cities with Zionists in the Day Pride marches. Numerous pro-Palestinian demonstrators have pointed out Zionism within the LGTB movement, they waved Palestinian flags, and even clashed with police and blocked the marches, criticizing the ties of them with the State of Israel. There have been clashes in Boston, Philadelphia, New York, Denver and other big cities.

Pro-Palestinian demonstrators in the Pride Day marches in US. Source: Joseph Prezioso / AFP – Getty Images

In Belfast, Ireland, a massive demonstration was held to demand the end of the occupation of Palestine and justice for the genocide in Gaza.

Irish Republican activists have made graffiti in support to Palestine and to the Palestinian resistance in Ashford Co., Wicklow.

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