Kenya: protests resume. Ruto cannot fool the people

Featured image: big protests in Nairobi, Kenya on 2nd of July. Source: Punch newspaper website

William Ruto, President of Kenya and lackey of Yankee imperialism, and his government have attempted to deceive the Kenyan people for the last weeks. First he announced the dropping of the proposed taxes, which was an important success of the struggle of the people, but was still not enough. Then, he was also calling to held talks and try to achieve agreements with the protest’s leaders, which was useless. The Kenyan people now knows Ruto for a while, since he also led the anti-popular measures stated by Yankee imperialism in 2023, which were also strongly protested and pushed back. This week the protests have erupted again. During this week the protests have a different approach: the people want Ruto to resign and are focusing on the police brutality shown against the people. Since the start of the protests, the death-toll reaches 39 people murdered by Kenyan repressive forces, as well as there are 361 injured, 32 forcedly disappeared and 627 arrested people. The struggle is still fierce in the capital, Nairobi, as well in other important cities as Mombasa.

As we reported, Ruto attempted to apply new anti-people measures, ordered by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), economical tool of Yankee imperialism. Then the Kenyan people firmly protested and took the streets against imperialism and its lackey and stormed the Parliament, as a symbol of the country-sellers and as a place where the bill was being passed by the MP’s. The consequence of it was a brutal repression, which was not enough to stop the justified rebellion.

Ruto and the government head by him are completely unable to fool the people, as they praised the repressive forces and they are trying to criminalize the protesters. This unmasks Ruto and the government as in favor of the brutal repression which has been strongly rejected by the people. For example, the repressive forces claim there are 272 arrested people who are not actually anti-tax protesters, but thieves or other kind of criminals who took advantage of the protests in order to commit crimes, steal, and so on. 204 of them were held in Nairobi, where the protests were more fierce. Additionally Kenyan activists have explained that “hooded, armed men” kidnapped many protesters and activists from their homes during past weeks. They were “beaten and blindfolded before being tossed into the trunk of a car.” All of them were well-known due to their activism and opinions against the new bill, and also it is well-known they were kidnapped by Kenyan security forces. This is not the first time the Kenyan repressive forces carry out such actions, and also they are infamous by the numerous extra-judicial killings against activists and protesters. Despite these numerous and infamous crimes, Ruto and his government praised the repressive forces by stating that they ‘acted professionally in very difficult circumstances’ and ‘did a good job of protecting the country from anarchists,’.

Kenyan people do well keeping alert and combative, because Ruto has already stated that most likely Kenya will ask for another loan, that means, a new debt, and therefore, new anti-popular measures will come, dictated by imperialists. But Kenyan people has made one thing quite clear: they will stand against all the measures which are against the people and which deepen the subjugation of Kenya under the grips of imperialists.

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