Kenya: dozens murdered and hundreds injured, but the rebellion does not stop

Featured image: Kenyan demonstrators on 25th of June in Nairobi. Source: Monicah Mwangi/Reuters.

Yesterday the new anti-popular measures dictated by Yankee imperialism through the International Monetary Fund (IMF) were voted and approved at the Kenyan Parliament. Then the Kenyan people took the streets, increasing the mobilization all over the country and showing their right wrath, specially at the capital, Nairobi. 37 of 45 of the counties of Kenya witnessed big mobilizations and the demonstrators stormed institutional buildings of the cities of Nakuru and Embu, and clashed with the police at Kisumu and Nyeri.

Map of the country which shows the mentioned cities and others. Source: Mapsland

A big march moved towards the Parliament and partially stormed and torched it. The Parliament representatives fled and all kind of repressive troops were deployed at the place. In the article we previously wrote, we mentioned how the repressive forces murdered at least two Kenyan youths at the protests, despite these ones were defined by Ruto as peaceful. Moreover we mentioned that supposed ‘researches’ were being held to find out if there were an excess of violence against the demonstrators. Yesterday it was clear how this was nothing more than a theater by imperialism and the old State, since with the possibility of the demonstrators seizing the Parliament, military, police officers, security guards, etc., were deployed with war armament to open fire against the crowd.

Different types of old Kenyan State repressive forces using fire weapons and live ammunition against the demonstrators. Source: Luis Tato/AFP/Getty Images

First there were reportedly 5 people as a consequence of this brutal repression, but during today the number has increased. So far there are 23 people murdered and 300 injured (at least 30 by bullet wounds). Ruto condemned the demonstrators, labeling them as ‘criminals’ and stating they should stop whatever it costs, justifying the use of all the repressive means to fulfill this objective.

During today the police and military have been deployed in higher numbers than usual in order to patrol and surveil the streets of Nairobi and to remove the rests of barricades and rubble. Additionally, at least 130 people more have been arrested due to the demonstration of yesterday. But all of this has not stopped the combativeness of the demonstrators, who have announced they will continue their marches during the upcoming days.

Before this insistence of the people and the impossibility of making them fear, Ruto has addressed to the Kenyan people for second day in 24 hours, and he has publicly admitted that he will not sign the Finance Bill which includes the anti-popular measures which the people is protesting. This would be the last step to apply such measures, since the president has the power to reject a law and send it back to the Parliament in order to be modified and/or being voted again. Ruto has stated he does not sign this law because he heard the people, but just yesterday he was labeling this people itself as ‘treasonous’ a ‘threat for national security’.

Previously some of these measures were already stopped such as the 16 per cent VAT to bread, taxes to the cooking oil, to motor vehicles, etc, but this did not stopped the wrath of the people, who demanded the withdrawal of the whole law. Now it is showed how the struggle of the people is useful and how the anti-popular rulers can be in serious troubles and how they do not deceive the people. The next step will be the law being amended again and send again to Ruto. Therefore, for sure the protests will not stop as the law has not been completely canceled or withdrawn, but it is still in process to be changed and eventually approved.

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