Turkey: revolutionaries call to take the streets and do actions for the 1st of May

Image: Statement of Turkish revolutionaries for 1st of May. Source: Partizan.

In the last week have been published a lot of actions carried on by revolutionaries in Turkey. These actions are added to others about we already written.

Partizan magazine has published a statement for the 1st of May in which we can read the following: “All over the world, the imperialist system and the dependent states, which are the pillars of this system, are in a deep crisis. The peoples besieged by this system and condemned to poverty and the most reactionary structures are being forced to bear the burden of this deep crisis.

The reactionary, fascist order, which is preparing to put the entire burden of the crisis on the oppressed, is calling for consent of the people.”

The statement emphasizes the relationship that some parties and politicians make between 1st of May and the next elections in Turkey: “In this election process, which will save the people from one wing of the reactionary ruling classes and hand them over to the arms of the other reactionary wing, we rely on the whole history of our day of unity, solidarity and struggle. We call on not to entrust our future to any reactionary wing, and to a struggle where we will take our future into our own hands. The history of May 1 has taught us exactly this; The history of peoples, the history of our own people, the history of the Kurds and all other oppressed nationalities teach us this.”.

About the elections in Turkey, we already published an article with the position of the Turkish revolutionaries.

Finally, Partizan call to take the streets in several Turkish cities: Istanbul, Ankara, Dersim, Samandağ and Izmir.

Call for 1st of May’s demonstrations in several Turkish cities. Source: Yeni Demokrasi.

According to Yeni Demokrasi newspaper, readers of Partizan magazine also did agitation actions in several cities: they put posters in Elazim and distributed leaflets in central neighborhoods on this city. Also had been active in several areas of Dersim, and they called to the mobilization and distributed leaflets.

Actions done by Partizan’s readers in Dersim and Elazig. Source: Yeni Demokrasi.

On the other hand, Yeni Demokrasi newspaper publish the call for demonstration of the Revolutionary May 1st Cortege in Istanbul. This organization highlighted that 1st of May cannot be separated from it’s class essence and cannot be included on the logic of electoral agenda. Several organizations are part of this Cortege: “Independent Revolutionary Class Platform (BDSP), United Workers’ Congress (BİK), Friendship and Culture Association (DKDER), Revolutionary Textile Workers Union (DEV TEKSTİL), Leverage Movement, KÖZ, ODAK, Word and Action, Partizan, All Automotive and Metal Workers Union (TOMİS)”.

Poster of Revolutionary 1st of May Cortege in Istanbul. Source: Yeni Demokrasi.

The statement begins with an explanation of how they understand the 1st of May: “May 1 is the day of struggle against capitalism of the working class, workers and all oppressed and exploited social segments.” They also mentioned the election issue and it’s relationship with the 1st of May, denouncing the use of this date with electoral purposes: “Finally, for May Day in accordance with its historical and class essence, against the efforts of the open or covert order parties to transform our day of struggle into an election arena. We invite everyone to the Revolutionary May Day Cortege to enlarge the class struggle and bring the class struggle and struggle to the broadest masses of workers and laborers.”

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