Mobilization campaigns for May Day internationally

In preparation for the first of May, activists in many countries have carried out mobilization campaigns.

In Turkey, activists have continued with their mobilization campaign. Earlier we have reported on the actions in Istanbul. Now the campaign goes forward also in Dersim, where activists have faced harassment, threats and attempts to prevent the campaign. The posters called the residents to march with Partizan on the demonstration in Dersim on May Day. Leaflets have been handed out as well.

Source: Yeni Demokrasi

In Pendik Ertuğrulgazi and Sülüntepe neighborhoods of Istanbul, activists have continued calling the masses to join the demonstration on 1st of May. They have discussed with workers and distributed posters.

In Austria, the Action for Democratic Rights of the People (ADRV) has issued a declaration for 1st of May, calling to protest against the increases of prices and taxes in Austria, as well as against the imperialist warmongering.

While the rulers of the world are in a deep crisis, large parts of the peoples rise up against exploitation and oppression. To highlight is the foundation of a new revolutionary international organization, the ”International Communist League”, which has set as its goal the common struggle of the peoples, to guide and give perspective to the struggles of the working class – for another, a new world! As the ADRV we call to take part in demonstrations on the 1st of May: against price increases and warmongering. Side by side with the millions of the world we defend the interests of the workers and the people!”

Read our translation of the declaration here.

In Copenhagen, Denmark, activists have put up a banner saying ”Out on the streets on the 1st of May! Long live the International Communist League!” in Danish.

In Norway, Struggle Committee has called for May Day demonstrations in many cities, against imperialist war, for higher wages, in solidarity with current popular struggles unfolding all over the world and in remembrance of the martyrs.

We must not forget that when we gather on the First of May, we unite with the generations before us, with all those who have given their lives for this day and for a world free from oppression and exploitation. We must not forget that when we gather on the First of May, we unite with struggling people on every continent. We unite in all countries of the world, across nations and generations, under the same banner. Join us on the First of May and raise this banner with us.”

Read our translation of the declaration here.

The Red Front has issued a declaration for the 1st of May in Norway, celebrating the founding of the ICL and 100 years from the founding of the Communist Party of Norway.

We are living in stormy times, in which imperialism has taken a new downward leap in its decay. The counter-revolutionary offensive that began around 1990 is being beaten back. The international proletariat and the oppressed peoples of the world are marching into a new period of revolutions, within the strategic offensive of the world proletarian revolution. All the great events we see unfolding today are expressions of these general tendencies. The red banner with the golden hammer and sickle is being raised in the midst of the class struggle, in country after country. This year’s 1st of May is a day when our forces are again marching to show that there is a way out of the hell of imperialism. Proletarian revolution is the only way to end the imperialist genocide of war, hunger, poverty, environmental destruction and mass unemployment.”

Read our translation of the declaration here.

Source: Dem Volke Dienen

In Hamburg, Germany, the Alliance Internationalist 1st of May has published a call for an internationalist block in the DGB-demonstration in Hamburg. They highlight different struggles unfolding in various oppressed nations in the world, as well as in Germany.

The struggle of the peoples of the world, which is reflected also in this country, is attempted to drown again and again to the repression of the German state. Especially the §129 a and b are used to defame any unwanted resistance as assumed ”terrorism”.

But the struggle here and the struggle of the peoples of the whole world can only be won in a common alliance, in the struggle of the right of self-determination of nations and for the construction of a new world, without exploitation and oppression – it is an internationalist struggle.”

Read our translation of the declaration here.

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